FIVE reasons you should vote


1 The Obvious Reason
You have a say in who makes the laws in our country. Why would you not want to give your input?

2 Your vote counts
While you may feel like your single voice may not be heard amongst thirty plus million, MP races have come down to less than fifty votes in the past.

3 Silence is assent
If you don’t vote, you’re complacently agreeing with every piece of legislature that’s passed, ever dollar that’s spent, every decision that’s made no matter how outlandish it can be and you have no reason to complain because you didn’t speak otherwise.

4 People die to have this right
Literally. This isn’t some WWII reference from your grandpa about fighting Nazis either. This is happening right now all over the world. Don’t throw away an opportunity that people are willing to lose their life for, and that you are lucky enough to have.

5 Make politicians care about the youth vote
Voter turnout for the 18- to 24-year-old range was roughly 37 per cent last general election. Do you want education spending to be an election issue? Prove it.

Paul Bogdan
A&C Writer

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