Fear of authority


author: ahmad aljundy contributor

Credit: Alessandra Kocman via Flickr

Every person has a certain amount of authority over permanent or temporary issues.

How do we feel about authority? Is authority a sort of beginning step to superiority? Do you agree that authority will be controlled by any person who has it, or that it might be uncontrolled? Will uncontrolled authority cause awful damage in many different aspects?

Every person has a certain amount of authority over permanent or temporary issues. Commitments to authority will lead to generate a sense of authority which will also lead to in misuse of authority, moreover, this will be the first reason behind the existence of “the fear of authority.”

In my perspective, finding humility in someone with authority is like finding a needle in a pile of straws. In order to control anyone, and implement a good-natured authority as individuals, we have to understand the shape of the authority, and the value of the knowledge that we would have to be compatible with the authority that we are dealing with.

There are many examples of different kinds of authorities that we live with. Political authority displays the combination of power, control, greed, and the apathy regarding the consequences of abusing authority, and the fear that this authority which will be exist among who is willing to live with this authority.

A personal example of a dictator with political authority which has generated a permanent impact on people who had never felt the sense of freedom until they said no. They finally said no to this dictator and his political authority in Syria, 15 March 2011.

As one of the hundreds of thousands of the Syrian political inmates who survive, as one of the millions of Syrian refugees, as one of the twenty seven millions dreamers who were looking forward towards live in a country which respects its citizens, I know about this kind of authority. I lived in a country that has suffered from unequal rights for forty-five years thanks to a brutal family named “Al-Assad.” Syria is a country run by one political party that all the citizens must obey whether they understand their duties towards this authority or not. Citizens cannot ignore the unexpected actions that began to stand out by the Syrian regime forces in the second year of the peaceful revolution, which also drove a high percentage of non-violent protesters to became violent due to the hatred presented by this dictator authority.

Eventually, the fear of authority emerges in all of us in some way, and we won’t realize it until we will be able to maintain it. We cannot fight it randomly without having any potential solutions that will leave us with out any questions.

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