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What’s to come and what’s currently in place

As many University of Regina students know, the U of R bookstore has been under construction since partway into the 2018 fall semester. U of R students were made aware of the change by a Student Affairs email sent around in early December, announcing that all bookstore textbook purchases needed to be arranged digitally.

“The University Bookstore is being renovated to house the new University of Regina Central Testing Centre and the Bookstore. The Bookstore has moved its operations to three temporary locations,” the email said. “During renovations, all print and digital textbooks must be ordered online.”

As stated, the bookstore renovation is the University of Regina “embarking on the creation of a centralized examination facility,” according to the U of R’s website. “During construction, Bookstore operations and sales are relocated to three temporary locations.”

“The centralized examination facility is part of our ongoing commitment to student success,” said Everett Dorma of External Relations.

“The renovation is running smoothly and demolition is underway. Once that is completed, the new construction part will start with framing out the new layouts for both the Bookstore and test centre.”

According to the U of R website, the facility is being created in response to how “Last year [2017], the Centre for Student Accessibility provided services for more than 1,000 students on campus – an increase of nearly 90 per cent over the past four years.”

“With that in mind, planning for the creation of a centralized testing and accommodation facility was identified as a key academic priority,” the website says, and claims that the centre will “accommodate students who require it.”

The transitions due to construction were different for students and faculty, as well as bookstore staff, but Dorma says it was smooth.

“Current Bookstore operations have been working well as we transitioned to the current system in early November,” he says. “We are just at the start of a new semester, so we will be monitoring the situation to ensure that if any issues develop, they are resolved as quickly as possible.”

While textbooks were one of the major changes ongoing during the transition, buying and pickup weren’t the only aspects of bookstore life that were altered. While textbook buying all needed to take place online, setting textbooks aside for in-person pickup, textbook buyback was also changed to accomodate for the changes.

“The textbook buyback is in December only! Due to changes in the Winter 2019 term, there is no January textbook buyback,” one of the bookstore’s announcement emails said.

The location was also different, found to be in front of the textbook pickup office instead of near the original bookstore.

“We appreciate everyone’s patience as this is a new process for everyone involved,” said Dorma.

“Both facilities are set to open in the fall of 2019.”

Until then, bookstore supplies and gifts can be found at CW150, Cougars and Rams merchandise can be found at CK165.7, and the bookstore’s current main office and online pickup location is at CW148.

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