Dry February: stop drinking for a good cause (and your health)

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I will probably do better on my finals if I don’t party as much

Hey there, Carillon readers! Happy month of February. I want you to take a second and think to yourself about what the month of February entails. Is it the month of love? Is it the coldest month of the year? How about the shortest month of the year? What about “Dry February?” Well, all of those are correct, but today in the Sports & Health section, we are going to talk about what “Dry February” is and why you should partake in it. “Dry February” is a fundraiser for cancer that encourages people to go alcohol-free for a month.

“Why the month of February?” you may ask (and no, the answer is not because it is the shortest month so it’s easier to abstain). It is because February 4 is World Cancer Day! Here is a brief explanation of what cancer is: cancer is a disease that occurs and changes normal cells inside of your body. It can lead to uncontrolled growth of cells, which can progress into a tumour. If these cells do not get treatment, they can spread to other cells inside of the body by using your circulatory systems. Cancer affects many Canadians, and I am sure you know someone who has been affected by the disease, or you have been affected yourself.

“Dry February” is a fundraiser that is run by The Canadian Cancer Society. Not only do you avoid alcohol for the month, but you can raise money for cancer treatment! There is a reason why the Canadian Cancer society uses alcohol abstinence as a fundraiser. Did you know any type of alcohol increases your risk of head, neck, breast, stomach, pancreatic, colorectal and liver cancers? Now you do! So, there is a fun fact for you and a reason why you should partake in “Dry February.”

Why else should you or your friends partake in “Dry February?” The reason may be because cancer has affected or affects someone you know. Maybe you have chosen to see what health benefits there are to giving up alcohol for a month. There are some benefits to partaking in “Dry February.” Some people may experience improvement in their sleep patterns (and really, who doesn’t need that?). They may feel they are hydrated, which means not only are they maintaining more water in their daily intake, but being more hydrated can influence physical performance and give you more energy. Another reason to not drink is to improve blood pressure rates.

Now, what is a benefit that is not for your health? The most obvious is to save money! If you partake in “Dry February,” not only can you fundraise money for cancer research and patients, but maybe you can save money that you would have spent on alcohol on a trip, family event, or a fitness journey.

So why should you partake in “Dry February?” The answers are endless. Why not join in, Carillon readers? Start now and you help raise money for cancer and gain benefits for your own health! Partake by yourself or with a group of friends. Share this article with them and get a whole group to partake in “Dry February” together!


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