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Satisfying the need for change

In what is an entirely different way for people to satisfy their need for climate change, an ongoing initiative has emerged in the form of sex toy fundraising. This, much like how Kaylen Ward raised money for the Australian wildfires by selling nudes of herself after people sent proof of donation (an endeavor that went on to raise an estimated one million dollars), is just one of the many unique and ways that the sex trade has been doing its part in the relief effort.

To touch on the actual product more, the aptly named “Down-Under Donation Dildo” was unveiled on Jan. 9 on Twitter. The individuals from Geeky Sex Toys (an Australian-based sex toy company) made the reveal with a statement that all profit made from purchases of the dildo would go directly to helping their home continent.

“This silicone toy was designed specifically as our way to help out our neighbours in need,” followed with “Buying a sex toy never felt so good.”

As for the actual specs, Geeky Sex Toys noted on Twitter that “it has an insertable length of 5.5 inches, overall length of 6 inches, and a circumference of 4.25 inches.”
The cost of the donation dildo comes out to $69 altogether, in what was more than likely a specific move made on the part of the company. Despite the somewhat heavy price (not all that heavy when one looks at the pricing for sex-related products), the cause is, if I may say, certainly worth it. And, according to the results of purchases made, so did others.

There was an announcement on Geeky Sex Toys Twitter account that surfaced on Jan. 15, stating:

“Hey naughty nerds! Can you believe we’ve now raised over $22,000 (over 15,000 U.S.)?!”
According to their website, the company has now accumulated $25,000 AUS.

For those interested in where the money is going specifically, Geeky Sex Toys (at the time) had this to say:

“A specific charity has yet to be determined but we will be posting regular updates on our Instagram and Twitter with the amount of money raised and specifically where it is going.”

The company eventually did find a group to donate to. In fact, they split the proceeds among four different groups. The information regarding that can be found on Geeky Sex Toys website, as well as here:

“We have chosen to divide up the money raised and donate it to several different charities and funds. Below is a list with the charity and amounts we have pledged to donate. We’ll continue to add to this list as more money is raised.”

Humane Society – Wildlife Emergency Response Fund : $7500 AUS


Australian Red Cross : $7500 AUS


Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Bushfire Appeal : $5000 AUS


Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland : $5000 AUS


In a Pink News interview with company co-founder and designer of the dildo, Josh Porter, he stated why Geeky Sex Toys decided to go about raising money through such unique means.

“We figured, we’re pretty damn good at designing and producing sex toys, so let’s make an Australian themed dildo with all the profits going to charity!” Porter said.

“We also thought it was a unique way of helping out and could gather quite a bit of media attention, so even if people didn’t purchase a dildo they might still go and donate directly.”

Porter, in the same interview, went on to comment on the response that the company’s product had received, saying it’s “incredible” and “overwhelmingly positive.” Porter continued on by saying,  “People seem to love the idea that something as random as a dildo can help raise awareness and most importantly money in times like this.”

Geeky Sex Toys posted this on their website as an official declaration of their stance during this trying time:

“All our toys are handmade in this wonderful country that we call home. We are proud Australians and to see our country burning like this is truly heartbreaking. The catastrophic spread of bushfires is devastating, and our thoughts go out to all the people, wildlife, and land that has been affected throughout Australia.”

Geeky Sex Toys continued with, “Thank you so much to everyone around the world who has already donated in any way.”
For those interested in purchasing the donation dildo, whether it be for charitable purposes or other uses, you can find pricing and purchasing options at Geeky Sex Toys official website, geekysextoys.com

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