Dealing with death: Lauren the Mortician

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Safe or not safe, that is the question. Clker-Free-Vector-Images via Pixabay, manipulated by lee lim

It’s time to talk about Lauren the Mortician

Lauren the Mortician, or @lovee.miss.lauren on TikTok, is an influencer and content creator who talks about death and dying on her social media pages. Her content began to get popular through her videos responding to videos of parents using different baby, toddler, or child products with their kids. Lauren would respond giving her advice and opinion as a mortician and a mom on the items.  

This led to a series called ‘the Morbid Minute’ where Lauren would test baby products to see how safe they were. She currently has 2.5 million TikTok followers and 69.1 million likes on TikTok. Her calling card was people in the comments of other creators’ videos tagging her and saying ‘Beetlejuice,’ which she then began using as the intro to her TikToks. 

But, not everything good always lasts. 

On October 17, Lauren made a statement on her public Facebook account allegedly directed at another creator. This creator is Jamie Grayson, a child passenger safety technician (CPST). The statement was following videos both creators made in regards to a specific car seat that had the capability of swiveling to the side.  

Lauren said no safety-wise, and Jamie said yes. Since Jamie disagreed with Lauren, Lauren’s fans were in Jamie’s comments telling him that he was wrong and Lauren was right.  

Lauren’s post on Facebook read: “Honest Q: Would you take BABY PRODUCT ADVICE from a man who has no children… has 12-15 strollers inside their living room… also attempts to give baby wearing/baby carrier product recommendations, car seat recs AND high chair recommendations to actual mothers? You know… just wondering? Hypothetically and all. Cause I sure the fuck wouldn’t. ESPECIALLY when they link these products CONVENIENTLY in their bio for you to purchase so they make commissions and gain financially from that? Never having used the product with a physical baby on a day to day basis? Nah… me neither. Just checking…”  

The wording of this post makes it appear as though Lauren is trying to make Jamie out to be a creep because he is not a parent but has car seats in his home. Lauren continued to speak poorly about someone – allegedly Jamie – though she never states his name. However, all signs are pointing in Jamie’s direction. 

She went on the “Dumb Blonde” podcast and said that Jamie had started a hate campaign against her after she blocked him. She continues to talk about how she is a mother and invalidates Jamie’s ability to do his job as a CPST because he doesn’t have kids. That podcast episode has since been deleted. 

Following this event, people started digging deeper into Lauren. 

People found a video that Lauren titled “Post Doctors office routine With my kids” where she refers to vaccines as “pokey sticks” and states that she gives her children a detox bath after vaccines. People online saw this as being anti-vaccine and she started being called an anti-vaxxer.  

On October 19, she stitched the creator @thepedipals, two pediatricians in a video that was discussing Lauren’s doctor’s office routine video. In this stitch she starts by saying, “Another pediatrician bullying moms online.” In that video, she says that she has a science degree so she knows about vaccines. She also says that she is not anti-vax. 

The next thing people dug up on Lauren was on her Instagram. On Instagram, Lauren was following a creator called @conservativeant; a far-right, homophobic, and transphobic influencer.  

She was also liking his posts containing homophobic and transphobic content. In a now-deleted video from October 23, Lauren said that yes, she did engage with that content, but @conservativeant is pro-2SLGBTQIA+.  

She also said that she can’t be homophobic because she’s bisexual. Some of the content that Lauren interacted with on @conservativeant’s page was content on Kyle Rittenhouse that approved of Rittenhouse’s actions.  

Next, people brought into question her experience as a mortician, which she claims to be. A user on TikTok claimed that while Lauren’s father does own a funeral home, he told this user that Lauren never worked in the funeral industry except for her internship. This user claims that their statement has been confirmed by another funeral director that attended school with Lauren.  

TikTok creator @bekahdayy (Bekah Day) claims that she has spoken with a previous co-worker of Lauren who told Day no mortician would ever be there to inform a family about a death, like Lauren has claimed on her page many, many times. In a video from April 18, 2023, Lauren outright says, “We notify your family that you’ve passed in an accident,” as if she had done so herself.  

When these claims began to surface, Lauren posted a video on October 26 of her speaking on the phone with her father who owns a funeral home. Her father states that Lauren is licensed, worked for more than a year, practiced mortuary science, and she worked as a funeral director.  

Not everyone in the comments took this at face value. Many said that they were unconvinced by Lauren’s father. And that was it, for a little while. 

One of the creators discussing Lauren was @caffinatedkitti. Lauren sent the police to Kitti’s home for a wellness check, which Kitti states she feels was a doxxing threat.  

It started with copyright strikes against Kitti’s content with Lauren in it, which led to an email from Lauren’s legal counsel to Kitti. Then, the wellness check followed by an email from Jeanette Braun, Lauren’s attorney, accusing Kitti of stalking and harassing Lauren and telling Kitti she must post a public apology to Lauren.  

Kitti uploaded a video on November 25 discussing what happened with Lauren, Braun, and the wellness check. On November 30, Lauren posted an explanation video about what happened with Kitti and a little bit about everything else.  

She claims that people have been posting lies about her online. She says that in the last two months the bullying, harassing, and stalking online has been non-stop, to the extent that other people might kill themselves after experiencing it.  

She says that all of it started because of what she liked on Instagram, but she does not support some of the messages in the content. Lauren says that Kitti attempted to blackmail Braun. She says that Kitti’s content was abnormal and that’s why she called the wellness check.  

The very next day Lauren’s content was back to normal, posting a video about her upcoming surgery. 


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