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There are so many great sports movies out there that it is difficult to pick the top five. You can look anywhere for the best sports movies of all time and you will always see movies like Rocky, Caddyshack, and Miracle but, in my opinion, they are good but a little bit over rated. However, they do get honourable mentions for my list along with Tin Cup, and Moneyball. I may not be a movie critic, but either way, here are my top five sports movies of all time. If you are a fan of sports movies and haven’t seen one of these, you absolutely should; I guarantee that you will enjoy them.

5. Coach Carter

There have been so many good basketball movies made over the years, but one of the best is Coach Carter. This movie is about troubled teens learning not only how to be a good basketball team, but also how to be men under the guidance of hard-ass coach Ken Carter. One of my favourite things about this movie is that they don’t win. Let me explain. Sports movies are always the same, with the underdog team making a great run culminating in a championship and a happy ending. In Coach Carter, the players didn’t need to win the championship to become winners.

4. Rush

This one isn’t typically talked about when discussing sports movies because racing isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about sports, but it still counts. That being said, Rush is number four on my list, and one of my favourite movies. Rush is about the rivalry between Formula 1 drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda. It is a very exciting, edge-of-your-seat movie that will absolutely make you think Formula 1 is more exciting to watch than it actually is.

3. Slap Shot

As a hockey fan, for number three I have to go with the most classic hockey movie ever, Slap Shot. It is always hard to make a good hockey movie because you have to find people who can both act and skate, which is a tall task for anybody, but Slap Shot does a great job of it and is also hilarious. Slap Shot is the perfect representation of what hockey used to be like when you could win just by being the meanest team on the ice.

2. Field of Dreams

Kevin Costner is like a king when it comes to sports movies, which is why he is the star of both of my top two movies. It was tough to pick which one should go where, but for number two, I picked Field of Dreams. Like many sports movies, this isn’t really about the sport but uses the sport for a different meaning. Field of Dreams is a baseball movie, but is really more about a son’s relationship with his father than anything else.

1. Bull Durham

Unlike Field of Dreams, this one is definitely about baseball. Out of all the good baseball movies, this one is the best. At number one, another Kevin Costner movie, Bull Durham. If you ever played ball, this movie perfectly portrays what it’s like to be on the diamond or at the plate. It is corny in the greatest way possible, while still being funny. Some of the actions in the movie are a little exaggerated, but in reality, it doesn’t get much better than Bull Durham.

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