Curse the Government!


Recently, we've been hit with a lot of cursing in our Parliament.

It started with Pat Martin, and his infamous tweets, saying that the Conservatives' closure on debate of the budget was "[a] fucking disgrace" and that "there's not a democracy in the world that would tolerate this jackboot shit" Soon after, when another tweeter told him he as a "foul mouthed socialist" (note the use of "socialist" as a curse word in and of itself), Martin responded with a simple but poignant, "Fuck you."

Aside from allowing CBC and a whole host of other news organizations to make puns like "Parliamentarians were all atwitter" (get it, "atwitter" as an adjective and "Twitter" the site Pat Martin used to make his comments? Huh? Huh?!), the tweets attracted a lot of criticism, especially from highly-offended Conservative MPs such as the mild-mannered and upright Tom Lukiwski (ignore the fact that he called gay people "homosexual faggots with dirt under their fingernails that transmit diseases.") and the ever-unoffensive Garry Breitkreuz (who suggested that families formed by same-sex partners are unhealthy). Use of the F-word is totally unacceptable. Who can disagree with those two? Am I fucking right, or am I fucking right?

Either way, after that there was a little silence while our wonderful government pushed their totally great laws through (such as the Omnibus Crime Bill or the Wheat Board Bill) and went to Durban for the International Climate Conference, but lo and behold, once Environment Minster Peter Kent returned to Canada, the Liberal-Socialist-Communist bastards started their cursing again. Justin Trudeau, son of the Prime Minster famous for his foul-mouthed tirades, called Peter Kent a "Piece of Shit" for his remarks that if the Conservative government was such an embarrassment at Durban for announcing it plans to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol, then the Opposition should have been there to take them to task. To be fair, to understand fully Trudeau's anger, it should be mentioned that the Conservative government refused to allow the Opposition to come to Durban, saying that if the Opposition wanted to embarrass the government, they better do it at home in Canada, not on the international stage. But seriously, calling Peter Kent a piece of shit for being an unapologetic, awful, awful hypocrite? I'd call him a serious piece of doo-doo at worst. Come on, Justin, get your head out of your ass and act your age.

On a positive note, the cursing has not stopped the Conservative government from passing some seriously great laws. Especially notable is the not-at-all illegal abolition of the Wheat Board's monopoly over Canadian wheat and barley. Announcing that the Wheat Board was no longer a monopoly in Canada, Gerry Ritz remarked that it felt "damn good" to be free of the oppressive yoke of the CWB. Damn good indeed, Mr Ritz, just damn fucking good.

However, the positives cannot outweigh the negatives. I am fucking embarrassed that our Opposition speaks their mind and speaks as if they are really people. I'm disgusted their total lack of decorum. If I wasn't such an innocent commentator, I'd call the Opposition an bunch of assholes. Since I am not so damn foul-mouthed, I will just say shame on the Opposition.

And specifically, shame on you, Martin and Trudeau. If my democracy is going to Hell, I at least want it to be going there with a little decorum. Fuck you, Pat Martin and Justin Trudeau. You pieces of shitty fucking shit are totally ruining my democracy with your disgusting curse words. Fuck you.

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