Coming back from the break


author:  ethan butterfield | a&c editor

Sometimes life gets to us. Jeremy Davis

The best “huh?” film in a while

“Is it that time already?” “Didn’t the week just start?” “Come on, one more week! There was no stress!” These thoughts and more are what start creeping into the mind of the university student after taking time off only to come back to that which they do not want to – their classes. How do I know this? Well, I don’t, honestly. I mean, how am I going to know what you’re thinking? However, assuming this is what your thought process is like right now, then have no fear because I’m right there with you! The February break is an amazing time where you can get caught up on things, readjust your schedule a bit, and, most importantly, relax! 
Honestly though, if I had a nickel every time someone told me to relax, I’d be able to retire and take a cruise. Of course, that’s not how life works, so here I am. Ramblings aside, coming back to the U of R after a week’s break from studies can be a bit of a challenge. Even if we, as students, don’t want to admit that getting back into the swing of studying can be kind of difficult, it absolutely can be. Sometimes we might not take certain factors into account, like how big the work load was before the break started or how much time we had left on a certain assignment after the break. Long story short, sometimes things get missed when you’re trying to relax or reorganize. 
The first thing to do is breathe. Shit happens and it’s not the end of the world. Just because you’re coming off a break does not mean that you have to stop giving yourself one. If you’re going to take anything away from this piece, it’s that. Remember to give yourself a break, even if you’re not currently on a scheduled one. Don’t beat yourself up saying, “I should’ve known better” or that “I should’ve done that during the week off. Just breathe and know that you’re allowed to give yourself a break. Lord knows I’ve had to. 
Next, after telling yourself how amazing you are, how hard of a worker you are, and that you can give yourself time to relax, start making a schedule for relaxation. This step might be a bit tricky for those with full class schedules, but if you can, I would absolutely recommend making a little “relaxation day planner. It can contain anything, from plans with friends after class to listen to favourite song on the way to lab. It’s that easy, and you just might thank yourself for it. 
Lastly, and this one’s the big one: confidence. After coming back from a break, sometimes one can be a bit sluggish and drained from the work that came before it. Now, while telling yourself you can relax, and while constructing that relaxation planner, you can also say to yourself (if you so choose, of course), “Hey, I’m pretty amazing, I’ve been rocking these classes, I got this. And you do, you got this. Even if you’re not doing the best you could be doing during lectures, you absolutely got this. Confidence is key, as I had it explain it to myself year after year. 
Youre allowed to have a break while not on a scheduled break. Trust that for the sake for your mental and emotional well-being. Is it going to be easy? Well, I like to think it’s as easy as you make it. You absolutely got this. 

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