Collusion & change


author: mason sliva | a & c editor

Credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr


If we become jaded and lose interest in affecting social change, America may never be great again.

It is now 2018, and as the days tick by, it becomes increasingly difficult to believe that reality is still real. As more information about the Russian campaign meddling becomes available, it has become glaringly obvious to all rational individuals that the Trump Administration holds some nasty secrets.

As I’m sure all of you know, there has been increased media attention around Russian support for the Trump Administration, and an investigation is ongoing that will determine whether or not Trump is personally attached to the scandal. At this moment, Trump has not been definitively linked to treasonous actions; however, more and more information is released every day.

Unfortunately, there is not much that the average person can do to get Trump out of office. People have to be patient and have faith that the American justice system will eventually hold Trump accountable for his actions. We must all simply hope and pray that Trump is impeached before he can cause irreversible damage to America, and the world as a whole.

However, despite the fact that we have no say in the ultimate fate of Trump, the ultimate fate of our Western society is still in our hands. We must fight to uphold the freedom and equality that defines Western society. If we become jaded and lose interest in affecting social change, America may never be great again.

We, the people, have reached a point in the history of Western society where we must fight to hold up the ideals that these nations were built on. Gone are the days where you could put your blind trust in your elected officials, and with that, they have ushered in an age where we must uncover our truths. It is especially important for all of us living in Canada to watch USA’s downfall closely, as without due care it is a possibility that Canada is headed for the same fate.

Canada must become a living example of the success of a strong, united nation. Our neighbors to the south have lost their way, and have regressed back into an age where race, background, and political beliefs create cause for segregation in society. We as a society must come together as one, and reject the evils that be, and realize that not everything is as it seems. Just because something is right wing doesn’t mean it is bad. Just because something is left wing doesn’t mean it is good. We as individuals must rise above our prejudices and find for what is right for all the great people of this land.

The wonderful thing about our Western society is the fact that people of all different lived experiences can share these in a public way, and people are free to respond however they may choose. Therefore, it is important that the Trump Administration does not allow our Canadian society to become jaded and further segregate. Western society can only be upheld through cohesion, and a societal effort to push for what is right and just.

All of us in Canada must recognize the threat to democracy being displayed in our neighbors to the south. America was very recently considered the leader of the world, but despite this, its reputation has continually slipped over the roughly fifteen months of the Trump Administration.

Where is Western society headed? Will we come together as one and be able to reverse the damage caused by a generation of bigots? Or will the pressure of change cause the downfall of the once great America? Even the Roman Empire was not safe from defeat, and one day, students may read about the downfall of the west at the hands of an idiotic leader with yellow hair and orange skin.

It is impossible to look into the future and see the direction that our society is headed. However, it is imperative that we work together as one to create a society that one day won’t have to worry about its destruction.

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