Colin James Fifteen album review


Fifteenth studio album does not disappoint

Colin James

Known as a trifecta of talent for playing guitar, singing, and songwriting, Regina, Saskatchewan blues protege, Colin James, reminds us all that the genre which started a lot of the music we hear today is far from gone with his fifteenth studio album, Fifteen.

Now, whether James is playing original material or covering songs from the likes of John Lennon, Robert Palmer, and more, Fifteen is full of opportunities to hear some of James’s signature vocals and guitar playing on his new cuts such as the rootsy, Rolling Stones-esq, “Stone Faith”, or “I’m Diggin,” which will have your foot tapping until the three and-a-half minute jam is over.

But James isn’t all about the loud, fast rock n’ roll, as proven on “Love For Life” – a song that will really make you pay attention to the sentimental lyric work that will possibly remind you of that special someone in your life.  Cue the awes.

Front to back, Colin James’s Fifteen does not disappoint.  In fact, he leaves you wanting more, because with every song comes a resurrected memory that is relatable, and that’s what all music is about.

Colton Hordichuck

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