Cinderella at the Globe

Helen Belay as Asha/Cinderella in Cinderella| Directed by Ruth Smillie, Costume Design by Carmen Alatorre. Photo by Andrew Parry and Zak Neilson

A classic makes its way to Regina

The Regina Globe Theatre, known for being both well-respected and well-versed in its quality of production and artistry, always seems to bring in shows for attendees to fall in love with. Whether it was the recent showing of Chicago or the curious, but all the same wonderful tale of The Hobbit, the Globe Theatre has certainly been on the money lately. Hopefully this will continue with its newest upcoming project, Cinderella, which runs Nov. 27 to Dec. 29.
For those who aren’t familiar with the fairy tale, The Globe Theatre website was able to give a clear explanation of what people should expect from their take on it:
“This re-telling of the timeless fairy tale will delight audiences of all ages.

After losing her mother at a young age, Cinderella finds herself at the mercy of her

cruel stepmother and jealous stepsisters. Burdened with endless chores, she longs to escape her weary life. When her stepmother prevents her from attending a royal ball, the spirit of her mother appears and with endless love, magic, and help from some animal friends, Cinderella just might find the courage to live her own adventure.”

Interim Artistic Director Geoffrey Whynot said the production is something recognizable for those who find comfort in the original.

“Globe’s production of Cinderella this December is a wonderful retelling of that favourite story. The script maintains those classic elements of the story that we all hold dear, and tells that story in a timeless setting with characters that feel contemporary and fresh. Director Ruth Smillie and her excellent designers have built the kind of play that Globe does better than anyone. The audience is close to the action, the story moves with fantastic energy, and the setting is magical in a way that Globe audiences will love.”

That team of creatives gracing the stage includes Katie Abramovic (Zinnia), Rebecca Auerbach (Pepper/Fairy Mother), Gaelan Beatty (Victor, Fight Captain), Helen Belay (Asha), Sarah Bergbusch (Rosa), Rachel Jones (Sigrid), Amy Matysio (Constance), Jaire Olmos (Grey),  and Hal Wesley Rogers (Bodhi).

According to the press release, a certain set piece took a significant amount of skill to create

“The magical tree took five people six weeks to build and involved the cooperation of set, props, lx and paint to realize. It had to be hung/rigged to be worked on then rehung in the space.”

Also noted was that two performers, “Katie Abramovic (Zinnia) and Sara Bergbusch (Rosa) are alumnae of Globe Theatre School. This is their debut on Globe Theatre’s Main Stage.”

Tickets are available from the box office at 306.525.6400.

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