Sandwich of the week – Feb. 16, 2012


Sandwich: Homemade Rookie Wrap
Hungry Student: Nicole Mitchell, first year education and kinesiology

The Carillon: What’s on your sandwich?

Nicole Mitchell: Chicken, lettuce, pickles, cumbers, sprouts, cheese and caesar dressing on a whole-wheat wrap.

Carillon: On a scale of one to five, how do you rate this sandwich and why?

Mitchell: I’ll give it a four because it has everything that I like in it and it tastes good.

Carillon: Why is it missing that extra point?

Mitchell: If it was toasted it would have gotten that extra point.

Carillon: What’s your favourite sandwich?

Mitchell: Brewsters has a really good chicken wrap that I enjoy.

Carillon: So is it safe to say that you like it all wrapped up?

Mitchell: Most definitely, I do.

Arthur Ward

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