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The CESL offers multiple free resources to help students prepare for a competitive job market

Navigating the world of job searching, resume building, and interview preparation can be daunting for any student. At the University of Regina (U of R), the Career Education Department at the Centre for Experiential and Service Learning (CESL) works to empower students. 

The department aims to support students and alumni alike by offering a range of services from career development sessions and job boards to specialized employer events and co-op opportunities. Free for all U of R students, the Career Education Department is one way to turn aspirations into achievements.  

On February 28, CESL hosted career and skills workshops over Zoom. The workshops centred around social media for career connections, customizing resumes, student employment development, and computer skills. 

Kevin Fiessel, the manager of Career Education emphasized the importance of these workshops equipping students with essential skills for the job market. He stressed the fact that CESL offers career and interview workshops that focus on developing great interviewing skills.  

Simply type in uregina.ca/careercentre and you’ll be able to browse CESL’s main website portal to familiarize yourself with what it means to be a “Career-ready Global Citizen.” 

The workshops offered by CESL extend far beyond the classroom and campus.  

Fiessel also elaborated on the CESL’s outreach strategy.“Students should know of UR Path,” he stated. “A strong web presence makes sure that students know about what we offer.” UR Path serves as a comprehensive online hub for these workshops, career resources, and information.  

The workshop on social media for career connections covered topics like optimizing profiles, connecting with industry professionals, joining relevant groups, and sharing content strategically. In today’s increasingly digital world, emphasis is placed on the role of social media in personal branding, creating a positive online image, and expanding one’s professional network.  

The customizing resumes workshop highlighted practical tips on how students should showcase their skills, experiences, and accomplishments to stand out in the competitive job market. The session also covered the strategic use of keywords and formatting techniques to make the resumes visually appealing and scannable by recruiters.  

Interlinked with the previous two workshops, the student employment development session explored strategies for successful job searching and career development. 

One key benefit that these workshops provide to U of R students is that students get the opportunity to work towards gaining practical experience in both paid and volunteer positions, ensuring that they graduate not just with a degree but also as career-ready individuals.  

Apart from workshop sessions, CESL also offers student employment services, experiential badges, volunteer connections, career exploration, and counselling programs. 

What sets CESL apart is that these career exploration workshops and counselling sessions are available to students even after they have graduated. “Every one of our services we offer to current students is also provided to alumni, free of charge,” Fissel notes. CESL continues to be a significant resource that students can turn to at any stage of their career journey. 

Recognizing that each student’s career path is unique, CESL also leverages flexible resources and workshop sessions to meet individual needs. As Kevin Fiessel aptly puts it, “We [CESL] encourage U of R [students] to reach out to us if they require career counselling.”  

Whether you are navigating the challenges of your first job, considering a career change, or simply seeking an advancement in your current field, CESL offers multiple resources to take steps toward your goals.  


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