Celebrating All Hallow’s Eve

Three people with Halloween themed make-up in a photograph. The one on the left side has drawn a smiling mouth with sharp teeth onto her face, the one in the middle has a zipper opening her cheek under her eye and a scar pulling the side of her mouth open by using liquid latex, and the one on the right has a liquid latex and fake sharp tooth-ed mouth stretching across her face and covering her nose.
I wish you a very scary Halloween! stillwellmike via Flickr

Need some suggestions on what to do this Halloween? Read on!

Happy All Hallow’s Eve, also known as Halloween. Halloween is a well-loved holiday in society that is honestly so short, and it comes and goes before you even know it. Let’s talk about all things Halloween and Halloween-themed activities in and around Regina that you can enjoy before the holiday comes and goes. 

First up, one of the best haunted houses that takes place in Regina, Saskatchewan, is Al Benesocky’s Shock House, more commonly known as just the Shock House. This haunted house tends to appear every year in the city and is currently located at 1230 Broad Street, with this being their final year at this location. They even claim the illustrious title of “Saskatchewan’s Largest Indoor Haunted Attraction.” 

Typically, the Shock House has a theme that they tend to follow, apparent in surroundings of the house, the character’s costumes, design, and acting. The Shock House is made up of a team and actors that work to create a scene to scare and haunt the customers. As the customers walk through the house, they see a variety of different actors doing different things to scare them. Sometimes actors are crawling around, yelling, lying down, and pulling plenty of other spooky moves. You will have to attend to get the full experience.  

The fee to attend is a $25 basic fee and $35 for the speed pass, but keep in mind that they only take cash payment. They do not have any limitations on who can attend the house; they recommend no one under the age of 11, but it is the parents’ call. Since you are seeing this just before Halloween happens, you may have limited options of when to attend. You can attend on October 26-29 and on Halloween, but for specific dates and times and more details, be sure to check out their Facebook page or website at theshockhouse.com.  

Maybe getting scared is not your go-to family activity but you still want to be in the Halloween spirit. Why not grab some of your family or friends and a nice beverage, maybe a hot chocolate, pop, or coffee and drive around and look at all the Halloween decorations? Halloween is a great time of the year when lots of people decorate the outside of their houses for trick-or-treaters. The Z99 Radio Facebook page has a “Saskatchewan Haunts-Google, My Maps” link that shows you all the different houses to find with different decorations. Each house has registered to be located on this map and has different theme names on how they decorated their house. This is a simple activity that can be fun, different, and not super scary but still get you involved in the Halloween spirit. 

Speaking of the Halloween spirit, we cannot forget to talk about Spirit Halloween. Spirit Halloween is the largest Halloween store in North America. You can find everything you need by attending the store located at 1825 Victoria Avenue East. Get that last-minute costume for Halloween, walk through and see all the different decorations and costumes, or maybe throw a last-minute Halloween party and find all the goodies there. 

Maybe you want to get in the Halloween spirit by getting all comfy with one of your favourite Halloween movies, and that is okay too. Actually, did you know that La Cité is hosting a movie night? Well, they are! Go and join other university students on October 26 for the “Ciné Club Halloween Edition.” They will be watching the French movie Teddy at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., and they will be handing out popcorn and candy. This movie night will be taking place in the theatre at La Cité on the second floor in CT215. 

Now you have some different ways to get into the Halloween spirit and different activities to partake in besides trick-or-treating. Have a safe and good All Hallow’s Eve. 


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