CD Review – The Poet’s Dead


The Poet’s Dead is Rah Rah’s third full-length (not including the Rahmixes album of remixes), and it very well may be the band’s best. Both its predecessors, Going Steady and Breaking Hearts, are fine albums themselves, but Rah Rah really stepped up to the plate and cranked out a 600-foot-out-of-the-park-walk-off-World-Series-Winning-grand-slam with The Poet’s Dead.

The album begins strong, and it never really lets up. But, The Poet’s Dead really takes off during the middle of the album; “20s”, “Dead Men”, and “The Poet’s Dead” follow consecutively on the album, and they’re easily three of the best songs in Rah Rah’s entire catalogue.

What’s more is that The Poet’s Dead is not only a stellar album, but it’s one that speaks to where it’s from, namely the disillusioned 20-something “socialists/Born to hope, raised to fail” who nonetheless “love this place/It’s in [our] veins”.

Really, there’s not else to say about The Poet’s Dead other than it rocks. I mean, it does feature refined song structures, fantastic hooks, and a great blend of instruments and voices, but what’s really great is the tendency to continually turn up the volume louder and louder with each song that comes on. The only issue with The Poet’s Dead is how the hell Rah Rah plan make a record that can follow this one.

Paul Bogdan
A&C Editor

Photo courtesy Rah Rah

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