CD Review – Tandoori Knights: Curry Up


Tandoori Knights
Curry Up
Norton Records

If you haven’t heard the name King Khan, it’s time you look it up. You will find King Khan and the Shrines, King Khan and the BBQ show, and the most recent endeavour called Tandoori Knights. Tandoori Knights, which is Khan and Bloodshot Bill, recently released their first album called Curry Up.

True to form, the Curry Up album is uncompromising in its distinctive and awesome style of music. Once again the King’s style ranges from punk-inspired songs to 50’s style ballads with a Keema curry soul. The essence of the music is certainly hard to describe; the album sounds like the DirtBombs, James Brown, and the Black Lips with an underlying sense of sorrow. Just like a tasty curry, this album continues to burn inside you long after you’ve consumed the record’s delicious sounds. And yet, you keep going back and having to listen to it again and again.

King Khan is well known for his onstage antics, cross dressing, and rubbing his bum on Lindsey Lohan’s face, and it’s likely that Tandoori Knights will make their way to Saskatchewan, so keep your eyes open because the Curry Stank will surely be hitting this province.

Kelly Malone

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