CD Review – Soul’d Out, Braindead Romeo


Braindead Romeo’s sophomore album, Soul’d Out, has an enjoyable, old style rock with a twist; it’s a nice refresher. The only thing that was not favourable was the last song when they integrated a little bit of screamo. That was awful. If I wanted to listen to someone scream, I’d push them down some stairs. Of course, I don’t want to listen to anyone scream, so everyone is safe. Don’t stress. As far as screaming goes on the album, I’d get rid of it. Keep going with the other style; it’s much better and more enjoyable to listen to, kind of a cross between a classic rock and punk.

Songs such as “Starlight Siren” and “Amedika” were my favourites. I loved the sound, the rhythm, the intros, and that there was no screaming. I hated “The Grind” because the music overrides the voice so much, and the only vocals you do hear are screaming. As Simon Cowell would say, "That was terrible, I mean, just awful." The vocals are very talented and have a lot of potential in various styles, just not screamo. Other than that, keep it up, Braindead Romeo.

Raenna Gohm

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