CD Review – Songs from a Barstool


The Lonesome Weekends

Songs from a Barstool

13th Ave Records


Coming only seven months after The Lonesome Weekends’ first release is their follow-up, Songs from a Barstool. Even if you dislike, detest, or absolutely deplore country music (like me), chances are you’ll still enjoy Songs from a Barstool.


The album is filled with The Lonesome Weekends’ signature alt-country tunes about drinking and heartache which can only be described as quintessentially Saskatchewanian. Most songs do not venture much further than the three-minute mark, with the exception of “Elisha”, which may be one of the bands most interesting songs with its improvised jam showcasing the individual talents as well as the musicianship between the members. It also has less of a country-rock feel and is much more Old West. Think Clint Eastwood, outlaws, rattlesnakes, unbearable heat, and tumbleweeds.

A disappointing song doesn’t exist on Songs from a Barstool. Start to finish the album is thoroughly enjoyable, although one issue with this album exists; do not listen to it in your car. You will likely find people laughing at your embarrassingly loud (and slightly off-key) singing as you drive around with the windows down on a hot day.


Paul Bogdan

A&C Editor

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