CD Review – Buck 65: 20 Odd Years


Buck 65
20 Odd Years
Warner Music

Buck 65 is no stranger to oddities. His latest release, entitled 20 Odd Years, is a collaboration with numerous other artists to celebrate the roughly twenty years that Buck 65 has been making his odd style of hip-hop music. Because the album is so collaborative, 20 Odd Years is full of variety. All the songs feature Buck 65’s unique alternative hip-hop style, but the utilization of other artists’ vocal styles, ranging from a deep baritone to a soaring soprano, with Buck 65’s flow of rhymes creates an intriguing sonic blend. This unique auditory landscape that’s filled with deep layers of synths, samples, electronic drum tracks, and a multitude of physical instruments is in no shortage of hooks; harmonic minor melodies over the tonic and dominant-seven chords are a common occurrence that help to achieve tension-building hooks that keep the listener interested. As a whole, 20 Odd Years ventures though an abundance of moods, moments, and musical styles to create a fine way to spend three-quarters of an hour.

Paul Bogdan
A&C Writer

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