Rooted Living Designs: plant experts

Two people with short blond hair shaved on the sides of their heads and shirts denoting the store they work at, Rooted Living Designs, are adding soil to a plant pot with two cacti in it. The wall behind the people is covered in moss and has railroad ties behind a circle of wood that has been carved to reflect the store’s name with the image of a tree with long roots as the “t” in the word “Rooted”.
Starting to think it might be time to get another plant… Tyler Polowy

What benefits do indoor plants pose?

As fall is upon us, we are starting to spend more time inside, now spending more time away from the beautiful plants outside. However, even as the weather gets colder, it does not have to be like that. Let’s talk with a local plant shop, Rooted Living Designs, about some benefits of having plants inside the home and get to know plants a little bit better. 

First off, I would like to introduce you to the owners of Rooted Living Designs. Tyler Polowy is co-owner of this business with Steven Derkson. As I chatted with Polowy, I got an insight into the store, got some education on plants, and good feelings about welcoming more plants into my home.  

 “Rooted Living Designs started about 4.5 years ago under the name YQR Plant Assistants,” said Polowy. “So, we started with succulent kits and yard maintenance, which then flourished into Rooted Landscaping and Design, then further name changes into Rooted Living Designs at our new location at 2100 Dewdney Ave. We sell house plants, house plant essentials, planters, home decor, candles, crystals, and essential oils.”  

As for the draw of Rooted Living Design in particular, “We started our store to create an experience first and have the store next. So, as you walk in, the vibe is just immaculate; you don’t want to leave. The place is designed very well with your house plants in one corner and your house plant essentials in the other. A lot of the draw-in is that we are great for gift-giving. […] We plant for free when you come in, so if you find a plant and a planter, people know they can save time and get a one-stop shop. […] Right now, we are working on expanding the back area to host workshops, Christmas parties, and work parties, and we are working on getting our liquor license and serving coffee and beverages.”  

So, as Polowy stated, the store has the plants, they have plant holders, they have all the goods, and they will also have classes and workshops for you to partake in. What else could you ask for? The answer that comes to my mind is: nothing. This just makes me want to spend some time in the store and with plants. 

Now, let’s talk about plants a bit. According to Polowy, there are some nice benefits to having plants around all day. 

“The oxygen in the room wakes me up immediately, […] having big windows, south-facing windows in the store definitely puts you in a good mood.” 

But not only do they help Polowy wake up and feel good in the morning, but he stated that plants do have scientific benefits as well. He stated, “I do believe that they passed multiple scientific reasons to have plants in your home. First, they are air purifying, which helps with allergies and sickness. Second, they improve focus and mood, which helps decrease anxiety. […] There are definitely a lot of scientific benefits to having plants in your home or in your dorm rooms.”  

That is good to hear and to see that something so little can help us university students with our studies, makes it a fact to appreciate. Now, I personally am a little intrigued to get myself a plant to help me focus, but I live at home and have a dog. How can I know what plants are safe around pets?  

Polowy stated that in their store, they have “pet-safe” stickers on certain plants to know what is safe and what is toxic to your little furry animals. This is great to hear and for sure a draw-in for others! 

As we trudge towards colder weather, now’s the time to take a look at indoor plants. “The most popular are your bread-and-butter plants, they sell well. People come in and the want ZZs, snack plants, and money trees.”  

Finally, Polowy wanted to add that he “would love to help people find the right plant for their house, dorm room for their school season, to add to their collection. […] As well, follow our Instagram and Facebook @Rootedld.” 

Thank you so much Polowy for chatting with me, educating me, and giving me a true insight into loving plants! 


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