Carillon cleans office, discovers lady



Lady discovered in office corner

A startling realization has been uncovered deep within the offices of the Carillon newspaper.  During the student paper’s semesterly tidying, Business Manager Kent Peterson became suddenly alarmed when, upon removing a stack of old Globe & Mail’s, revealed a lady laying silently in a darkened, moist corner of the office.  “I don’t know, I just, it’s silly you know?” said Peterson, “like, how did she even get in here?” he added.  Once the lady was examined more closely, Peterson noticed she was indeed alive, and sleeping surprisingly soundly in her cozied corner.  Unsure what to do next, Peterson turned to his left, looking for a crate with which to blunt the sleeping lady.  “I didn’t necessary want to startle or upset the thing, but I certainly wanted it gone – or dead,” noted Peterson.

This is a developing story…


  1. Dan Shier 2 December, 2010 at 04:56


    It reminds me of the story of Snow White. "OOooooooH can we keep her?" "NO! She's a WOMAN. A MONSTER none the less!"
    I <3 Rhiannon. Let us all be part of her rhiality forever.

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