Breaking a fast like royalty at Cafe Royale

Who wouldn’t feel like royalty sitting here? Victoria Baht

If you need a new café to check out in Regina, read on!

In the heart of downtown Regina, placed inside the Hotel Saskatchewan, is a small but beautiful café known as Cafe Royale. Cafe Royale is a locally-owned café that works to strive for a special coffee experience and a warm sense of hospitality.

Cafe Royale can be found on the main floor by entering the lobby and walking straight in from the front entrance doors and turning right.

On the Cafe Royale website – – under About Us, it states that the café was founded by Tyler Koda and Tara Barlett in 2018. They work together to provide a business to the small community of Regina Downtown. The café is open Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. with weekend hours from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., and is closed on statutory holidays.

When you walk into the café, you are welcomed by a beautiful and shiny palette. You are surrounded by details of gold, pictures hung up on the wall, books, and more. You can sit at tables inside the café or take your beverage to go. Overall, the café is a very welcoming and relaxing environment.

Inside the café, they have some great beverage options. They’ve got the basics that everyone can enjoy like mochas, americanos, lattes, and freshly brewed coffee. Then they also have great smoothie and tea options, if you don’t feel like coffee!

The treats they have are just as good as well. When I visited the café, they had options like stuffed cookies, protein balls, baked banana bread, macarons, and more! I was happy to see macarons on the menu; it’s fitting to see such a fancy and regal dessert in a place with a name like Cafe Royal.

You could also stop in and grab a snack or some breakfast as well. As I mentioned, they had some great smoothie options, as well as house-made sandwiches such as avocado toast, west coast bagel, and more. The west coast bagel sounds like one to try, with its ingredients being salmon, avocado, and cream cheese on a 12-grain toasted bagel.

Additionally, one thing I noticed on the Cafe Royale website under the Shop section was that they have two unique options; they have a three-month filter subscription and a three-month espresso subscription.

These subscriptions mean the buyer can enjoy having three months of espresso or filters being delivered to their door. Each month a subscription buyer would enjoy different varieties. I think this is a unique and very cool idea to have, especially for coffee lovers who enjoy trying different kinds of beans, strengths, and tastes!

When I went to the café, I enjoyed an iced vanilla matcha latte with almond milk. Quite honestly, it was the best matcha I have had in a while. It was smooth and the vanilla added a little something extra.

A nice additional touch that I found Cafe Royale had was business cards to their website which included a QR code. When scanning the QR code you were brought right to the menu online where you could see all the drinks, smoothies, and all of the other menu options! This gave guests the option to pre-order online and pay, as well as to keep the business card for any future visits they may want to make.

I think a café is a great touch to have, especially in a hotel setting. When people are on vacation, they’re often looking for convenience, and how much more convenient can a cafe be than being right in the hotel? Guests of the hotel can even take a business card up to their rooms so they can visit the website, order their coffee, and head out to their next outing as quickly as they feel like.

When I visited, I enjoyed sitting in the café and listening to music for a while, but then I spent some time in the lobby. The lobby is a beautiful location and has a great number of details. With gorgeous chandeliers, calming and relaxing music, gorgeous artwork, a grand piano, and more, there was much to look at and feel welcomed by. The lobby also had a restaurant, barber shop, and a spa for guests to enjoy.

Hotel Saskatchewan is well known for being the most luxurious hotel in the province and has been located on 2125 Victoria Avenue since 1926, opening in 1927. The history of Hotel Saskatchewan is quite interesting.

In fact, according to Canada’s Historic Places website under Hotel Saskatchewan, it states that this hotel plays a key role in the history of Saskatchewan. Having hosted many special guests and events – anywhere from political events to economic and cultural – the hotel’s importance is clear. The hotel even hosted Queen Elizabeth II.

Not only does Hotel Saskatchewan have a history of serving importance to the province, but it is also in a prime spot in Regina. The heart of downtown is where you can visit Victoria Park, Cornwall Centre, and other local shops located in the nearby Cathedral area of Regina.

If you were also to visit Cafe Royale, you could choose to go and enjoy your drink in a beautiful park, since Victoria Park is just across the street. This could be a great summer, spring, fall, or even winter outing by going and grabbing a treat and then walking around in the sunlight and warmth of downtown Regina. What a wonderfully joyful option to have.

I found Cafe Royale such a perfect, cute, and admirable little café in downtown Regina. To me, it adds a place that is welcoming and perfect to have in the heart of downtown.

The Regina downtown area is always a busy place with lots of business and people coming and going, being hard at work. Finding a café that is welcoming, convenient, and easy to access is exactly what the downtown community of Regina needs.


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