Bidding adieu to this year’s pumpkin patches

All pumpkin, no spice makes Jack a dull boy. Victoria Baht

Featuring a homemade goods market, a pumpkin patch, and mini donuts, we already can’t wait for next fall

What is your annual fall hobby? Mine is visiting corn mazes and pumpkin patches around the city. A few that I have visited over the years that you may recognize by name are Happy Hollow Corn Maze, Lincoln Gardens, and Cedar Creek Gardens, but I have discovered a new one this year! This pumpkin patch is located at Cross Iron Acres. A few interesting facts to know about Cross Iron Acres is that it is located in southern Saskatchewan and is about 10 minutes north of Moose Jaw. Not only is it a pumpkin patch for the fall season, it is also a wedding venue that is placed on an outstandingly beautiful acreage.

Now that you know a little bit about where this pumpkin patch is located, let me give you a review of my experience there. First of all, the acreage is very easy to find, and its location is quite straightforward. When I was driving out there, I stopped in Moose Jaw for a little detour and a lunch stop at Déjà Vu (by the way, the perfect stop for lunch if you have not been; it is a must-stop hit in Moose Jaw). When leaving, you can drive out on Main Street North and continue for 10 minutes, and you’ll find the acreage located right there on the highway, super easy to access and easy to spot due to the big white tent on the land. Once you pull up, you come to a nice close parking lot which gives great access to the area.

Now that we know how to get there, let’s look at the details when entering. When walking up to the pumpkin patch on the acreage, you are welcomed by the little barn with such amazing staff where you pay the entry fee of $5. Once you are in, the welcome continues with following a path and seeing a mini donut trailer and a horse ride. What better way to be welcomed, in my mind, than with the opportunity of the ultimate comfort snack and a wonderful ride?

As you keep walking along the acreage, you come across a great variety of pumpkins. According to the website, they had grown 10 species of pumpkins locally. The ones that they had grown are Polar Bear, Jarrahdale, Valenciano, Snow Ball, Casperita, Porcelain Doll, Renegade, Specter, Grey Ghost, and Jack of All Trades. Seeing a great majority of pumpkins scattered around the acreage was great and helped me realize all the different options that were out there. There are also a few places to take some photos which are perfect for you to enjoy.

Another main thing that is set up out there for your enjoyment is a homemade goods market. They had this market located in their big white tent which just added to the effect. I say effect because with such a bright area to look at all the goods, they all popped out and showed how unique each piece was. As I walked around the market this past weekend, I came across bath bombs, baked goods, wooden home decor, cute baby clothes, pottery, and more! They really had a great selection that was perfect to start your holiday shopping, or just shopping for yourself (let’s be real).

Now that you have gotten some shopping done, it is time to get to the fun part: the pumpkin picking! That’s right, you follow the path and keep following the hay bales and pumpkins, and then you come up to the pumpkin patch. I have personally never been to a pumpkin patch like this before; it was absolutely stunning. As you walk on in, you are greeted by a wooden sign that says “The Patch @ Cross Iron Acres” in bright orange and black, which just adds to the season.

As you walk along this patch you come along mostly two types of pumpkins by the looks of it. It appeared that the ones that were for picking are known as either Renegades or Jack of All Trades. The pumpkins that were left in the garden were all different shapes and sizes. They went anywhere from the perfect bright orange pumpkin and oval pumpkins to being tiny and green. Being able to see pumpkins for a long distance made it all worth the experience. As you walk along the patch and see all the different types, make sure you watch your step so you do not step on the roots of the pumpkins or the drift of the dirt. It is not a full safety hazard, rather it just adds to the experience.

Once you find which pumpkins are the ones right for you, rest assured of the fact that you can take some pictures with them. Once you are done, make sure you also take them to the front barn and pay for them, then take them home for your enjoyment and do what you please with them. You can go anywhere from having them as decorations to making pumpkin puree, roasting the pumpkin seeds, carving them, and probably more!

Now that you know all the ins and outs of the pumpkin patch at Cross Iron Acres,I hope it has encouraged you to go and enjoy some of your favourite fall hobbies. I know I did at this pumpkin patch. It was a great time, and I would 100 per cent recommend it to anyone else or go again. I cannot wait to see what Cross Iron Acres and other companies come up with next year as they tend to provide activities that suit my favourite fall hobby, and I am already looking forward to next year!


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