Basketball, a game for inside and outside

A photo of a University of Regina basketball gym from the second floor of the Centre for Kinesiology, Health, and Sport’s Fitness & Lifestyle Centre.
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It’s never too late to play some ball

Basketball is a team-based sport where two teams of five players compete to score the most points. This game is commonly taught to middle and high school students in their gym classes, and is one of few games that requires minimal equipment. Unlike hockey, baseball, or volleyball, basketball requires only players, a ball, and at least one net.  

Professional-level basketball is commonly broadcast on TV for those who have never seen or played a game. Game clips can be found online or streamed live. Basketball is a publicly loved sport in the United States, and the National Basketball Association (NBA) has its own dedicated streaming service, NBA League Pass.  

Canadians can watch NBA teams on The Sports Network (TSN), or Réseaux des sports for coverage in French, as well as SportsNet channels from October to April during the basketball season. TSN and Sportsnet NOW are the app versions of the channels, which can be used to stream basketball leagues that they are contracted with. Canada’s basketball league, the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL), also offers a streaming service called CEBL+ that offers clips of game highlights. 

With the basketball season in full-swing, however, seeing in-person games might be more exciting. While middle and high school basketball games might not be as tension-packed as a professional team, attending games close to home to cheer on your local teams can be twice the fun. If you know a player, show up and support with cheers.  

Even if you are not closely acquainted with a team, showing up to watch a local game and support the team is a great experience. Teenagers might not be the best yet, but the teams of now have the chance to be the best in the future.  

When getting into basketball and keeping your skills up between seasons, finding a place to play can be tough. The Regina Youth Club Basketball League (RYCBL) offers a place for club basketball players, that is, players who play with a recreational sports team, to build their skills and “enhance their team leading into tournament season.” 

The RYCBL runs organized basketball games for club basketball teams and is currently running for players in Grades 3-8 and in the High School division. League play is split into Winter 5v5 matches from November to March, and Spring 3×3 from May to June. Registration for this year is done, however, as the cutoff date is in November.  

If you know anyone or any teams interested, check out their website. They offer team registration and free agent registration, which is a player who is interested in playing club basketball but is not on a team. 

If you are not a teenager in high school, no worries. Basketball Saskatchewan offers periodic camps, clinics, and tournaments for those aged 10–45+. Check their website every now and then for upcoming events.  

Tuxedo Courts is a local group that created a shared-use sports space. It is located at 1575 Elliot Street, Regina, and offers two high school basketball courts, two full-sized ones, four junior volleyball courts, and five pickleball courts. The facility is open between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., and you can book online using their booking system. 

The City of Regina also operates and manages outdoor courts and facilities. These include courts for outdoor basketball, tennis, pickleball, tobogganing hills, skateboard parks, and lawn bowling greens. For more information, visit their website under the “Parks, Recreation & Culture” > “Recreation Facilities” > “Courts & Outdoor Facilities” tab. 

Stay active this spring season, and play some basketball! 


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