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Saskatoon quartet Foam Lake head to the Fainting Goat on Nov. 24

Paige Kreutzwieser

When I take the time to think about what it would be like to make an album with my sibling, I come to the conclusion that I would much rather listen to people chew with their mouth open for an entire 24 hours, if that tells you anything. But, for the boys in the band Foam Lake, it’s a different story.

The band consists of four brothers, and although they have their ups and downs as any siblings do, it ends pretty quickly.

“We’ve always been like that. We are quick to fight but we are quick to forgive too,” said Barrett Ross, one member of the quartet. And, although he agrees that being brothers can be both good and bad, “it is mostly good, because I trust them.”

However, don't get to caught up in the band-of-brothers gimmick, this isn’t the new Hanson brothers. Think of them more as a Kings of Leon type of brotherhood – you don't actually know that most of them are brothers until you search it up – or look at them, because they all slightly resemble each other. But, that is not what Foam Lake is trying to promote.

“Some people see it as a novelty [being brothers],” said Ross, “and that was never an intention of ours. I would rather play with people I care about and people I want to support.”

When it comes to travelling though, it does help out being a family.

“We take care of each other pretty well, and we don't worry about it,” explained Ross. Foam Lake had travelled to Spain earlier in the summer, as well as touring in Germany and England, and also New York for College Music Journal.

"Some people see it as a novelty [being brothers] and that was never an intention of ours. I would rather play with people I care about and people I want to support.” – Barrett Ross

The band seems to have endless adventures while on the road. From driving the Autobahn, to playing at Arlene's Grocery in New York, to rocking out at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Foam Lake has seen it all. But they aren’t even close to being done yet.  

With all this touring, you would think the guys would want to take a break and relax. However, they are currently working together to finish building a recording studio, where they are hoping to clock in some hours in January and February to record some new music. As well, they have three touring trips planned for the new year – exact dates being sorted out – where they are planning to go back to Europe.

With their first album being re-released this past October, the feedback has been good. “In Canada, it was received well, and in United States and Europe it is starting to be received better, although it hasn't technically been released out in Europe,” said Ross. “We are a very small operation, but it will be in time.”

Their goals for the future are “to keep going,” said Ross, and “to make good music, that is our only goal. Everything else has been an awesome bi-product of us doing that.” Touring, travelling and making music is all this family needs.

I saw Foam Lake perform here in Regina this past September, and I am no music critic by any means, but if you are looking for a great atmosphere with some talented musicians and vocals, I can promise you Foam Lake won't disappoint. Their next date in Regina is on Nov. 24, at the Fainting Goat. It's a smaller venue, but that is something Foam Lake would like to take advantage of. Although they generate good turnouts at places like O'Hanlon’s, the band appreciates the small venues because “they are there for people who are going to see the band or finding new music.” And, the few expectations they have for this show is “good times, and hanging out with friends.” What more could you ask for?

Photo courtesy Foam Lake

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