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Awards for exceptional alumni credit ACAA


Alumni at the top of their fields are recognized.

It’s no secret to University of Regina alumni that the school’s community is filled with brilliant, insightful people. It is thanks to these individuals that the annual Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards have been created, in order to reward the outstanding members of the U of R community.

“The goal of the Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards is to honour alumni who have made extraordinary contributions to their professions and their communities,” Diane Mullan, the manager of the event, explains.

“The event honouring the five recipients will be held in October 2018. The cost for guests is $75 per person. Registration for the event will open in August 2018.”

The U of R website claims that annually “the University of Regina celebrates the achievements of our most accomplished graduates with the Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards, one of the highest honours that can be given to distinguished University of Regina alumni.”

“University of Regina alumni are making significant contributions to communities around the globe. They devote their time and energy to achieving excellence in professional and personal pursuits,” states the website.

In 2017, the event took place in early October where “more than 200 alumni and friends came together to honour the five outstanding award recipients,” and Mullan says that the event was, once again, a success.

“The Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards dinner was held at Hotel Saskatchewan on October 5,” she explained.

Mullan also said that “Bruce and Dani Anderson, a father/daughter alumni team emceed the event,” and that the “nationally renowned author Guy Vanderhaeghe was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award.”

“Anyone can nominate an alumnus or alumna of the University of Regina whom they believe to be an extraordinary member of the alumni and university community,” Mullan says. “Self-nominations are not usual, but will be considered.”

The event is organized by the University of Regina Alumni Association, a group created to “promote the accomplishments and support the future development of the University of Regina, its students, and alumni.”

In order to qualify for an award, the University of Regina’s guidelines are that nominees must “be graduates of the University of Regina in a recognized degree, diploma or certificate program,” and that while people are able to receive more than one award each year they “may be honoured in only one category.”
Group nominations are also permitted. However, all members of said group must be alumni, and have been “represented equally within the nomination information regarding individual roles and the relevance to the service being provided.”

Nominations for the 2018 awards close on April 10, so there is still plenty of time to nominate U of R alumni students and staff who are worthy of recognition. The recognition of hard work not only promotes continued efforts, but thanks those who have been so dedicated to their work.

All is shaping up to be yet another year of success to the 2018 Alumni Crowning Achievement Awards this fall.

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