ATTN Robosexuals: Hotel Rooms Aren’t Dumpsters


So apparently, on Monday morning, a Global TV cameraman woke up with a robosexual costume suspiciously similar to those from this year's Keg-a-Rama at the U of R in his hotel room. How did this what is this even:


So there was Jamie and the clerk in an uncomfortable standoff. Jamie, with his crazy story of armour and robosexuals.

The clerk, a nice Regina boy, unsure of what this big city boy was talking about. The clerk asked that the pictures be emailed to him for an investigation (and a Facebook upload??). I'm not sure if he ever truly believed Jamie, but to our well travelled cameraman, it didn't matter — he got a room upgrade to a full suite.

And I purposely didn't give a full explanation as to what a robosexual is. I'll leave it up to each and every one of you to Google it.

Alternatively – Jamie. Don't be ashamed. Robosexuals helped raise like nineteen grand, dude. Just admit it.

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