Andrew Scheer tight-lipped about social issues.

The front-man of the Conservative Party is yet-again facing backlash. Andre Forget

Scheer’s comments create a series of unfortunate events.

Politicians, as I’m sure everyone knows, come a dime a dozen at this point. Trying to understand the motives of any candidate is like trying to pull teeth as you go through mountain after mountain of bullshit. That’s just one stance on politicians however, as there are those out there who would like to focus on change and improving the conditions in which people live. Case in point, Barack Obama: one of the major influencers of positive change during his term as the President of the United States.

But we’re not here to talk about the former President of the United States, we’re here to talk about the potential candidates for the position of Prime Minister or, in this article, one potential candidate: Andrew Scheer who, out of “Scheer” luck it seems, has been able to continue being a potential candidate for Prime Minister despite the alienation and the fear-mongering and what-have-you.

That’s not just a bad pun either, Andrew Scheer has made some questionable comments as of late in regards to both abortion and LGBTQ2+ marriage. On the CBC news website, Scheer had commented (when discussing the abortion debate) that “individual MPs have the right to express themselves on matters of conscience, but a Conservative government will not reopen these divisive social issues” and that it’s “really just the Liberals” in response to who’s pushing these questions.

First off, the fact that a Conservative government will not reopen divisive social issues feels like a move that someone who’s completely out of touch with said social issues would make, interested more in sweeping these problems under a rug rather than tackling and solving them head on. “Out of sight, out of mind” is not an acceptable campaign slogan Mister Scheer.

Secondly, the ability to stand there and make a comment like “it’s really just the Liberals” when, in reality, this type of debate goes behind politics and affects women significantly more than on a political level. Frankly, it seems as though you just don’t make the attempt to even try and have open communication about this sort of thing. But no, go ahead and bash Trudeau some more, considering that’s what your Facebook and Twitter feed is flooded with.

Moving away from the discussion of abortion and more into Scheer’s stance on same-sex marriage, Ralph Goodale (despite being involved with some controversy as of late) had posted on Twitter saying that “to be a Leader of all Canadians, the Conservative Party leader should now end his lifelong boycott of Pride events and explain whether he would still deny same-sex couples the right to marry, as he said in Parliament”.

This is more or less a dig towards Scheer considering he is the leading runner for the Conservative Party and prompted a unique response from the candidate who stated that the “Trudeau government dredged up divisive social issues as a means of distraction,” a statement that can be found on the Global News website. Way to not answer the question, Scheer. This stance is, in a word, pathetic, as it’s, what now? 2019? To close the door on communication regarding same-sex marriage and equality basically alienates a significant portion of a population that you claim to give a shit about.

Long story short, Andrew Scheer must’ve earned the nickname bullet-dodger at some point because Christ, have I not seen this type of dodging since Neo’s moves in The Matrix. The blatant ignorance on display here is some that, for the LGBTQ2+ community at the very least, will not be taken sitting down.

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