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Are you looking for a way to improve your metabolism, gain some energy, improve your daily intake of vegetables and protein, and improve muscle growth? Well, Supplement King has got the goods for you! This week, the Carillon did an interview with one of the owners of Supplement King to get you the best information about certain supplements to boost your health!

Today we are talking to one of the owners, Karla. Karla and her husband have been the owners of Supplement King in Regina and Moosejaw for five years now. 

Do you have any past involvement with sports and education that helps you with this position?

I do not have any post-secondary education, although my husband and I were competitors in bodybuilding for many years. We were heavily involved with supplements and the industry, which motivated us to open up our own store.

Can you go more in depth about your bodybuilding experience?

My husband competed [in] body building in high school, then within a year of dating we decided to compete together. He did bodybuilding and I did a women’s figure show for a few years. Then we had our first child. Now have three kids and have put our passion into Supplement King!

Can you give the general public a brief description of what your store is like?

At Supplement King, we put our pride into giving the best selection and the best choices because there is a supplement for everyone. We see ourself as a health store; we pride ourself in having staff fully trained in each product on the shelf. This helps customers receive the best supplies for their goals and health. With that comes the best prices and working with the community. We often partner with local gyms and fundraisers.

What is one supplement that you think everyone could use or benefit from?

Protein powder is a big one, as most people do not eat enough protein in a day. Protein can help with metabolism and recovery. Another one is greens, which has your full serving of vegetables and antioxidants in one scoop. This helps with natural energy level and antioxidants.

What are a few of your best greens, and when should someone be taking greens?

All green powders are good. Greens help with natural energy level, daily antioxidants, daily serving of greens, and help with overall health. Every person should really be taking greens even if they eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

What are a few of your pre-workouts that you think are the most beneficial, and why?

This is tough, as every person has different goals when it comes to a pre-workout. If you are somebody that is looking for a high intense pre-workout that is high in caffeine, high in stimulants, help with blood flow and mental focus, some good options would be Impact Igniter by Allmax, Ultra days and our best seller, which is Batch 27 made in Saskatoon.

What are a few of your best protein shakes that you think are the most beneficial, and why?

Any protein will be beneficial, although if you are looking for recovery after a workout, a protein isolate would be the most beneficial as it absorbs super fast and will recover your muscles. This helps with future workouts and muscle soreness. Some top sellers are Diesel by Perfect Sports, Beyond Yourself and Isolflex by Allmax. We also have good protein supplements that are good for meal replacements, baking, and stuff like that. It is all based on what you are looking for and flavours.

Can you tell us the importance of creatine?

This is one of the top selling supplements. It helps with creating strength and recovery. It also helps repair your muscles…You have to be very consistent with creatine. You have to take it regularly for your muscles to be able to utilize what it is actually supposed to be used for. Sometimes, with women, they are skeptical with taking it as they are scared that they will gain weight, although that is not the case.

Is there something specific or a combination that you would suggest to someone that is new to the Supplement King store but is not new to the gym?

For someone that is new to the store but works out regularly, I would recommend protein powder and an essential amino acid or glutamine. This would work best to help with recovery and to give people long-term results as it helps repair your muscles.

Is it good to switch up your supplements or should you try to stay the same for a while?

It can be good to switch up your pre-workout as your body can get used to certain ingredients. This can lead people to find it is not giving them the same tingle as it was before. Vitamins, protein, and greens in any brand are going to be very similar.

Are there any supplements that we did not mention that you would recommend?

A new supplement that has started to become more popular is collagen. Collagen can help with your joints, skin, and nails. This is something a lot of women can look for, and anyone that is trying to improve their overall health can utilize. Another good one that is underrated is a carb supplement it is called Carboline or Electrolyte + BCAA (Carbs). This supplement can help if you’re working out for a long period of time and looking to put on more muscle. It is going to ensure that you are not eating away at your muscles while working out. For example, our son will take this instead of a Gatorade as it has no added sugar. It is really good for athletes and giving a good natural source of energy.

Those are all the goods that we are going to talk about today. To give you a quick recap of everything that has been said, taking some protein powder and greens is basically good for everyone! If this article makes you want to try out some good supplements, do not be afraid to ask the staff at Supplement King which ones are best for you because as Karla said, they are all trained about what is on their shelves.


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