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A buffet of 11 food choices with a bucket of buns off to the side. There is a server behind the buffet.
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An overview of everything you need to know about Luther Cafeteria

Looking for a place to sit down on campus and eat some good quality and healthy food? The Luther Cafeteria might be just the place for you. This cafeteria is a great place to go for any meal of the day. They are welcoming to everyone, and anyone can go there to grab some food and sit and enjoy their meal or take the meal to go. 

The Luther Cafeteria is open all days of the week. The cafeteria has different hours of meals from weekdays to weekends. On weekdays, they serve breakfast from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m., lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and supper is served from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m.  

On weekends and holidays, they have brunch from 12 to 3:30 p.m. and supper from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. Now, these meal times may not work the greatest with your work or school schedule. Even so, there is no reason to worry, because you can take meals to go and eat them at your convenience. 

The price of the food is not all that bad either. You can get breakfast for $12.84 plus tax, lunch for $15.99 plus tax, and supper for $17.78 plus tax. For these prices, you get to enjoy “All-you-care-to-eat dining,” as stated on the Luther Cafeteria website, found at 

Note that when you pay for a meal inside, you cannot sit in and then take food to eat later. This is a fair rule to have. The rule ensures the Luther Cafeteria only has guests paying for the meals that they order and also that people are not taking too much. If too many people took too much food, there wouldn’t be enough for other people who may not have had any yet, so they want to make sure there’s enough for everyone to have some at least once. 

Now that you know when you can grab some food and what the price of food is, what kind of food can you look forward to? Well, the Luther Cafeteria menu has great options, which are available for anyone to see at the above website, under Weekly Menu. 

I made a visit to the cafeteria on Friday, November 24, and for breakfast I could have had the option to enjoy things like fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, bread, cereal, eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns, with a classic breakfast option of a denver.   

For lunch, I could enjoy an all-day soup of chicken noodle or an all-day salad bar, with a lunch special of fish and chip as well as donair. Ending the day was a supper of pizza and wings. Please note that all menu items listed in this article are subject to change, and the quickest place to find the current menu is on their website. 

Jacquie Pelletier, a staff member at Luther Cafeteria, stated the menu options stay relatively the same on a weekly basis. They always have a salad bar and some type of soup.  

When you come for lunch, they typically have a rice and fries with a gravy option. With supper, they typically have a type of potato to go with the meal and the protein can change on a daily or weekly basis. This is great to have such different meal options for full-time students or students who stay on campus and choose to eat here often. 

But is the quality and quantity of the food as good as the options? The answer is yes!  

When I arrived at the Luther Cafeteria, it was at its prime lunch hour, as I arrived right around 12:30 p.m. and they had lots of food there. I decided to have a salad with some fish and chips.  

The quality of the fresh vegetables was great. Same with the hot dishes; they were well sized, and they tasted nice, hot, and fresh. If I wanted to go back for seconds I could and that is another nice thing. The buffet was well stocked with lots of food for every option. 

They not only had lots of options, but they also provided information about each dish on top of the buffet. This allowed those who have dietary restrictions to choose what worked best for them conveniently. They had options like dairy-free and gluten-free items. 

The food options, based on the menu that was provided online and in-person, were outstanding! When you arrive, you are welcomed into a nice buffet where the staff help you. All the staff are happy to help you whether that be by choosing different options, dishing, packing up your food, or even just asking how your day was.  

The staff handle your food to ensure health and food safety, but you still get to choose what you want and how much you would like. The food options are not only good, but they also have delicious beverages like Coca-Cola brand beverages, coffee, tea, milk, and juice. They also let you choose a dessert!   

Once you have all your food, they have a nice seating area where you can sit down and catch up with some friends or you can put some headphones on and watch your show while you eat or study. 

If you are a full-time student or live on campus, you may want to look into getting a meal plan. All students can visit the Luther Cafeteria website under Meal Plans and there are three options. You can choose as few as 10 meals per week or up to 19 meals per week. With the meal plans, you can choose to sit and enjoy your food, take it to go, or sign up for a bagged lunch or supper. As they say on the website, “Eat well, study better.” 

Honestly, for a full-time student getting an all-you-can-eat meal for under $20, with a beverage, this is a great price and hard to find! The Luther Cafeteria is a great place to visit for all students.   


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