After Ever Happy review

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Brief summary of the After series and review of the newest movie

The movie After Every Happy came out in theatres August 26, 2022. This movie is based on a book in the After series, written by Anna Todd. Both the movies and books are in the following order: After, After We Collided, After We Fell, and After Ever Happy. I will be giving you a brief description of each movie before giving a review of After Ever Happy.

The After series is about two main characters: Tessa Young, played by Josephine Langford, and Hardin Scott, played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin. Their story is one of falling in love with both feelings of pain and pleasure. As the individuals of this relationship face an endless number of battles throughout the series, they are supported by a huge platform of supporting cast members. 

The first movie, After, starts with Young and Scott at a party where there is a group of people playing truth or dare. This is where the tension between the two characters starts to play out. This game and what happens provides important information for the first couple of movies. After the game is done, the night ends shortly after. Then the two characters meet again, creating tension in class due to a difference in opinion on a book. These differences of opinion and the game introduce you to key aspects of each character and the story line. It helps outline the fact that each character has a different way of seeing things, and a huge passion for writing and English literature. As the movie After continues, the two keep meeting in different situations. This where we start to see the relationship between the two grow with feelings of love, fear, pain, and pleasure. 

The next movie is After we Collided. The movie follows the couple falling in love. Although, later on in the relationship, Young finds out a big lie Scott is keeping. Will she be able to understand and forgive him? The movie spends time taking the audience along the conversations about the lie, the lessons to be learned, the bond and connection that was grown, and the parts that were hidden behind and not repaired. As the story line moves forward, the audience is left wondering if the relationship can move past this lie.

The third movie, After We Fell, focuses on if the characteristics of their relationship will be enough for them to stay together as they continue to grow. As the two have an endless number of fights, they start to feel a sense of betrayal and toxic emotions for one another. Through all this, they have heartfelt moments where they laugh and enjoy each other’s time together, help each other out, bond over literature and show passionate love for each other. 

Now, it was time to see the new movie on the big screen, because you know you must do it the proper way! That means on a Tuesday night for cheap movie ticket night, with a big bag of popcorn, candy, and your best friend. Internally, when the movie started, I was excited wondering where the story line would go next. 

After Every Happy started out with a few major plot twists for the characters. This was not great for the relationship. Although, it was a great start for the audience. It came to a hard
moment where Young was considering what to do with the relationship, with herself, and what the right decision to make would be. After a great deal of thoughts as the movie went on, the couple decided they needed some time apart and they took time for themselves to grow on their own. 

Young did the typical girl thing: moved to a major city and did something dramatic to her hair. Meanwhile, Scott hit up the gym. While these two characters spent time growing on their own, we could see that they needed this alone time. After a great deal of time, the two met again, and without giving any spoilers let’s just say the fourth movie ends in a very similar way to how the first movie began: with two very different opinions and tension based on books and passionate love.

After Ever Happy plays a great role in the series for where the story is going to end up, since the movie starts with such crazy plot twists for the characters and such outstanding acting. It feels almost realistic, like you are seeing all the events take place in someone’s actual life, that you are close to or imagining what those experiences would be like if you were in their shoes. As you are seeing all this drama happen in the movie you barely have time to think to yourself “what is happening?” – which is what makes it such an outstanding movie. 

To conclude, the movie and series itself are all great! They each spend time explaining to the audience major components of a relationship and explain how to work through the hard and enjoy the good. As a young woman that has been following along with this series and loves romance movies, if you have not seen this series or the new movie, take this review as your hint to go and do it!


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