Aboriginal student centre opens its doors to all students


Article: Paige Kreutzwieser – Contirbutor

The University of Regina’s Aboriginal Student Centre has moved to a new location.

MosaicDespite its name, the University of Regina’s Aboriginal Student Centre (ASC) isn’t just for Aboriginal students.

The newly expanded centre where students can hang out, study, and use computers welcomes all students, said manager Misty Longman. Longman shared a story about the University of Regina Confessions page where students anonymously post their views about the university. “There was one where a student said, ‘Every time I walk past ASC there is always food,’ and they want to come in and eat, but their white guilt stops them,” she said. This is something that I, as a non-Aboriginal student, can relate to. What once were amazing study rooms available to all students, have now been transformed into something I was unsure about accessing.

“We are a student support centre with intrinsic aboriginal culture,” said Longman. “But, it is open for all students. It is really important that across campus people understand that.”

Organizers knew they needed more space when they started seeing up to 50 students a day drop in to the cramped room in their College West location.

“One of our mandates is to provide cultural support,” said Jayleen Francis, Student Success Facilitator for ASC. “That is what a lot of students find that they don’t have when they come into the university.” Support can mean more than just access to elders, or a comfortable place to hang out. Students who are struggling can access peer support through ASC.

Francis goes to class with these students and learns the content to help them be successful. They know the Aboriginal student population is increasing and support is needed.

So, if you are one of those who regularly grabs a bag of popcorn outside their doors in the RIC building, why not take a look inside their new location to see what they have to offer.

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