A surge in cross-country skiing

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Hitting the trail

Well, it’s finally that time of year (no, not Valentine’s Day). The time of year where the fog from your breath freezes instantly, where putting on gloves ends up being more of an issue than a solution, and where starting a vehicle can result in you swearing at the top of your lungs or praising the Lord. Yes, it’s polar vortex season. Right now (at the time of writing), the weather is so cold that doing anything other than snuggling up on the couch with snacks and binging your favourite streaming service sounds like an absolute nightmare. Fear not, however: with the arrival of extreme temperatures come those that push themselves to face the extreme.

Who are these individuals? Why, cross-country skiers of course. Cross-country skiing is a wonderful activity that, when I was going for morning runs, I had noticed there was a steady rise in. Around Wascana you could find individuals either using the hilltops for downward slope momentum or just gliding along the path at a steady pace. Regardless of the reasoning, cross country skiing is now what I consider to be the new biking on these brisk winter days.

And, according to the Regina Leader-Post, apparently I’m not the only one that sees this as they also published an article in relation to the surge of skiers. Aside from Wascana, locations like Kinsmen Park South of Regina are getting several takers for the ski craze. The article also features talking points with volunteers and workers that say “they’ve never seen anything like it.”

So why get into cross-country skiing? What are the benefits that come along with it? Well, to start with the basics, it’s a great calorie burner and does wonders for your cardiovascular fitness. That’s fairly given though, considering what skiing involves. On top of those benefits, it also improves balance and gives you a full-body workout, which might come as a surprise to some as skiing may look like more of a leg based workout than anything.

However, as with anything in this world of COVID that we live in, I must always say the following. Please remember to take care if you head out to do some skiing. With the weather the way it is, and this virus continuing to be an issue, more harm than good can come out of leaving the house these days.

So with all that being said, hopefully I’ve done enough to maybe convince you that cross-country skiing is worth giving a go. If not, then there’s still plenty you can do to stay in shape during this harsh weather. There’s always indoor workouts. Sure, they might not have the same impact as heading to an actual gym where you can narcissistically ogle yourself in the mirror, but it’s still worth keeping in mind if you feel the need for some physical activity.  If that doesn’t sound like something worth trying, then there’s always the option to snuggle up on the couch with snacks and binge your favourite streaming service.

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