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The band has been going for over a decade, and still has plenty to give. Photo credit 12 Stones Facebook.

This week, I’m happy to present an interview with Louisiana post-grunge/hard rock group 12 Stones! Making waves ever since the early 2000s, 12 Stones has been featured in several media outlets throughout the years. For more info, you can find the Q&A with lead guitarist, Eric Weaver, just below.

12 Stones is a band that’s huge in the world of hard rock music, how does it feel to be on that level of notability?

Well, I’m not sure how huge we are, but it’s been a long road filled with many friends, opportunities, etc. Honestly, better than I would’ve actually expected.

Speaking of hard rock, the group has recently been a part of the “Make America Rock Again” tour. How has that experience been?

Oh, it was great. We’ve known a lot of those guys for a long time, so it was kind of a reunion tour in a sense. It was a lot of fun.

When it comes to the band’s sound, how did it end up coming about? What influences the 12 Stones sound?

I would say mine and Paul’s sensibilities, musically, stem mainly from what we listened to as kids. I had a lot of classic rock in my house, and he had a good bit of country. Then we both had our big ol’ doses of ‘90s alternative and then here we are!

The group signed a new deal with Cleopatra Records around March. Are there any details you could share about the new upcoming album?

Not too many details now, no. However, we are very excited about it and 12 Stones fans will notice the throwback. Should be alright.

The group has been featured on numerous promotions such as the Daredevil and Elektra movie albums, WWE, and countless others. How were those experiences?

It’s really an honor that someone would want to use something we wrote to soundtrack their project. It’s very flattering.

12 Stones has been performing for almost two decades. What have been some of the group’s favourite moments throughout the years?

Oh my goodness, there’s too many to list. Plus, I’m not sure who’s going to read this, haha. I would say the people in general. That’s what all this is about anyway.

Last question. If you can, what does the future hold for 12 Stones?

I’m going to go with a world record lottery win. Ha!


So there you have it! Hopefully we’ll be hearing from Eric and the gang sooner, rather than later.

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