Zoom hours are taking over

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Refreshers on how to stay on top of Zoom university

The past two years have been incredibly difficult for everyone. It would be an understatement to say that they were emotionally taxing. For many, it has felt like a disturbing fever dream that we hope to one day wake up from with a sigh of relief. If only. Add all of that to the reality that many students are completing their degrees in the pandemic. University has become Zoom university. Some students have not even had the opportunity to experience college life before the pandemic. They were unfortunate to start university in the pandemic. I can’t even recall the last time I talked to a student face to face. All my interactions with students have been through Zoom and dreadful breakout sessions. It can be difficult to try to find hope in the times we’re living in. It is important to know that what we are dealing with right now is a universal human experience.

It is crucial to form helpful habits when dealing with online classes. For starters, time management is the most important thing. Rest and time management go hand in hand. In my opinion, you are only able to rest peacefully if you can manage your time during the day. To do lists are great for helping with time management. Rest does not necessarily just mean sleep. Rest can be time where you are not doing anything that stimulates your brain or makes you work. Rest can be taking some time off to knit, to paint, and even to watch your favorite show.

The most important trick that helps me feel awake during classes is to have my camera on during Zoom classes. I am aware this may not work for everyone, but it helps to stimulate the same feeling you’d get in an in-person class. Seeing my professors’ and fellow students’ faces is something that genuinely helps me mentally because it means I am interacting with actual people, and not screens – to be honest, that is important in a time when almost all the population is socially deprived of human connection. Keeping my camera on means that I can’t just fall asleep, and I must pay attention to the class. Of course, I have my off days, too. The pandemic has forced me to accept that we are all just trying to survive. We are trying to do our best in unfortunate circumstances, and that is okay.

Another helpful way to stay awake is to have specific foods or drinks that wake you up. For some, it is coffee. For myself, it is green tea, matcha, and almond milk. I like to keep nutrition bars on my desk in my room to have when I need a quick pick me up. It is also important to take breaks during class. Sometimes all you need is a stretch and some time to move or walk. It is also important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water during Zoom classes. Furthermore, it is important to have some light. I like to let some sunshine into my room every day to help me focus during classes. Having a view is extremely important to me and sometimes if I feel that I am getting bored then all I need to do is just look outside and look at nature.


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