Yr Weekly CUP Roundup – Jan. 28/2011

  • The campus radio station at Ryerson has lost its broadcasting license because it "violated several regulations and license conditions and had no way of ensuring quality control for its programming", the Ryerson Eyeopener reports.
  • Just a brief, but a couple of shady deals at the University of Saskatchewan have the Sheaf reporting that hiring practices at the university may be corrupt.
  • As a guy who briefly considered adding hamburgers to his list of Facebook likes, this story is of special interest to me, but slaughterhouses are prevalent across Canada and especially in the agriculturally-based Prairie provinces, so the Campus' article on health code violations in a BC processing facility should raise hairs on any omnivore's neck.
  • Ryerson's senate also voted this week to allow for a fall reading week. Jealous? Yeah, we are too. But as the Cord points out, realities for universities across the country vary wildly. What's good for the goose may not etcetera.
  • Teachers at the University of Alberta's Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry claim they're being mistreated by a dean hungry for research results and less concerned with, you know, teaching, according to the Gateway.

As an aside, the In Brief podcast will be making its return tonight, after I do a little bit of recording and editing – part of it will include an audio tour of the Creative City Centre with Marian Donnelly. Stay posted.

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