Yr Weekly CUP Roundup – Jan. 21/2011


Last weekend, members of the Carillon's staff went to Montreal for the Canadian University Press' national conference, meeting with a ton of representatives of papers across the country, doing all the cool "learn with and from each other" stuff you'd expect from a conference by, for, and about journalists. And one of the really wicked things about the conference is that it's a reminder that the Carillon and the University of Regina are connected to a broad network of campus newspapers across the country, staffed by folks who work diligently to highlight the issues and stories facing their community and their student bodies.

While we do publish articles from the CUP newswire on a weekly basis, there's a lot of stuff we don't publish, and a lot that doesn't make the newswire itself. So in the interest of bringing some more content to you, the students of the University of Regina, here's the first entry in a weekly series we'll be starting where we bring you a rundown of news stories from university papers across the country. And if you want more, the image above links to the CUP newswire, which is free to view and publicly accessible. Enjoy!

  • The Ubyssey reports on cultural tensions causing delays in the construction of a hospice on campus.
  • Students at the University of New Brunswick are working together to raise funds for a community ravaged by floods late last year, the Brunswickan reports.
  • The Cord takes a look at the Ontario government's new $74-million Credit Transfer Innovation Fund, which the province is hoping will bring up post-secondary graduate & job retention numbers.
  • Concordia University is having some serious stability issues: its president, Judith Woodsworth, stepped down (or, depending on who you talk to, was ousted by the Board of Governors) recently, and basically everything administrative-wise is now super messy. The Concordian has a look at how the move has caused a rift among student council reps, while the Link responded to the appointment of ex-Concordia president Frederick Lowy with a massive salvo against the dude's legacy. (Both papers are covering similar things but from different angles; if you've got a couple of minutes, it's worth the extra clicks.)
  • The Uniter has an excellent piece on the World University Service of Canada's diminishing presence across the country, and the impact that will have on international students looking to Canada as a way of fostering development back home.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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