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Green and gold finish Cougar Classic with 2-1 record

The women’s basketball team have wrapped up their part in the Cougar Classic this past weekend, coming out of the invitational tournament with two wins and a close game against the University of Saskatchewan Huskies.  

The first game on  Oct. 10 saw the Cougars playing against the Lakehead Timberwolves. The game ended with a score of 75-58 against the team hailing from Thunder Bay, Ontario. Top scorers for the Cougars included Michaela Kleisinger with 20 points, Christina McCusker with 14 points, and Macaela Crone 13 points, and Kyanna Giles with 11 points.  

The following day, the Cougars played against their proximal rival, the Saskatchewan Huskies. The game was close at the end of nearly every period. After the first, the score saw the Cougars up by a point with 21-20 points. The second saw the Cougars ahead still, gaining another seven points on the Huskies throughout the second. The third saw the Huskies score marginally more points than the Cougars with five points. At this point, the score sat at 54-51 in favour of the Cougars. Though close, the last period was the Cougars downfall, scoring just 19 points compared to the 29 points the Huskies were able to get off of rebounds, three-point shots, and free throws, resulting in a final score of 80-73 for the visiting Huskies. Top scorers for the team included Kleisinger with 15 points, Crone matching Kleisingers points, Kyanna Giles with 18 points, and Faith Reid with eight.  

Finally, the Cougars played against the Lethbridge Pronghorns, gaining another win for the weekend invitational, showing their readiness for the upcoming season to begin in November. The game finished with a final score of 77-68, the Cougars coming out nine points ahead of their Albertan opponents. Kyanna Giles scored an astounding 25 points throughout the game, Crone following far behind with 11 points, and Kleisinger with seven.  

The results for the weekend were favourable for the coming season, tape and leg braces were not rare to see on the court, the latter accompanying Reid’s jump shots aimed at the Huskies’ basket.  

Talking to the head coach of the team, Dave Taylor said, “I was pleased with the result from the tournament. We are battling a lot of injuries right now. Playing three games with only nine players is less than ideal.”  

Commenting on the performance of the Cougars further, “Once we get everyone healthy, we will be able to contend again for a Canada West Championship.” 

The Cougars are set to begin their regular season with two games against the Calgary Dinos on Oct. 25 and 26, as well the first home games that the team will play will take place on Nov. 2 and 3 against Trinity Western.  

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