Women in sports: Lauryn Schindel

Lauryn playing flag football Lauryn Schindel

A multi-talented athletic star in the making.

Being an athlete is something that one should always be proud to call themselves. Whether you play one sport or multiple, it is something that shapes who you are and allows you to grow as an individual. Lauryn Schindel has learned this throughout her 15 years of playing a wide variety of sports. From co-ed soccer leagues to female volleyball, all the way to women’s touch football and co-ed flag football, sports have had a deeply important impact on her life. Currently, she is still participating in her soccer and women’s touch football leagues, which have allowed a much needed break from the regular activities of school and work.

Initially, Schindel started her athletic career in her soccer league. Growing up with a lot of energy, this was one of the easiest ways to channel that into a greater purpose. She was able to learn how to control her energy, overcome challenges and contribute to a goal that is greater than herself. Even though soccer was her first passion and taught her many things about herself and a team environment, eventually Schindel was looking for a new way to challenge and grow as an athlete. After trying out volleyball for a while she eventually found her other passion of touch and flag football. For seven years she has had the joy of participating in these different leagues and has loved every moment of it. It has been hard work balancing football and soccer with the rest of her life but she would not give them up for anything.

Training for all of her sports is something that Schindel has taken upon herself to do in her spare time. With her own training routine, she ensures that she can perform at her highest skill level at all times. Primarily she works on her endurance as having a strong cardiovascular system and ensuring that she can move around the field with ease is extremely important for being a strong player on her teams. She also ensures that she runs drills to work on her technique to help solidify this vital aspect of gameplay. Pushing herself to complete these things continuously on her own can be tough and having the motivation of fellow teammates can make doing these a lot easier. However, Schindel knows that in order to improve on any of the weaknesses that she specifically has in order to become the best athlete she can, she must work on these on her own as well.

Participating in co-ed sports has not always been easy for Schindel. They have presented their own kind of unique obstacles that she has had to push through to overcome. Oftentimes these difficulties come from her male teammates as there is a misconception that the female players do not possess the same level of skill as the males. This can make it increasingly more difficult when you are not only trying to play against another team but also fighting your own players for time with the ball. Although this bias may bring forth doubt in one’s abilities, Schindel has not let this bring her down and has used this as motivation to push herself even harder. The passion she has pushed her to train harder and perform better, not only to solidify to herself but also to her coaches and teammates that she deserves to be a part of the teams and they are fortunate to have her.

Throughout her time as an athlete Schindel has been able to accomplish many outstanding things. All of this hard work has paid off in recognition from coaches, teammates and adoring fans. She can proudly say that she has won A-side championships with her co-ed soccer team, has been awarded Most Valuable Player with her women’s volleyball team and was co-captain her last season with the same volleyball team.

Being an athlete has changed Schindel’s life in a way that she will never be able to fully express. It has allowed her to know the value of dedication and hard work and that following your passions is something that you should always do. They have provided her discipline that she can utilize in other aspects of her life and has taught her a lot about how to keep herself motivated to push through hard spots in order to be able to improve and grow as an individual in all areas. Participating in athletics has shown Schindel that if you are coming up to a challenge you can face it end on and come out so much stronger on the other side.

Schindel believes that it is important that aspiring female athletes are not afraid to pursue the sports that they are passionate about. Even if you may be the only female on a team or not taking part in something that everyone else does should not hold you back from pursuing your passions. Continue to work hard and do the best that you can in whichever sport you choose to take part in. Whether that involves working on skill or connecting with your teammates, commit yourself. Use the motivation that this provides to drive you forward and no matter what you will always be successful.

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