Wincherauk vs. Lang, who takes the cake?


The Carillon chooses the Superbowl Champions, again.

Harrison Brooks, contributor

The Patriots, controlled by Sports Editor Matt Wincherauk, got off to a furious start, jumping to a 21-0 lead in the first half over Multimedia Editor Brady Lang’s Seahawks.

Until a huge game changing play by Regina’s own Jon Ryan the Seahawks had nothing going. Ryan completed a fifteen yard pass on a fake field goal, giving a little hope to the downtrodden Hawks.

From then on everything was clicking for the Seahawks, who turned both an interception and a fumble recovery into Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch touchdowns. That along with a clutch two point conversion gave the Hawks just enough to pull out the win, not without a little controversy though.

In the final few seconds of the fourth quarter, the Patriots had the ball within field goal range, down by just one, when Wincherauk takes a timeout, or so he thinks. The clock ticks down to 0 without him realizing the timeout didn’t work, ending the Patriots chance of re-taking the lead and crushing Matt’s spirit as the realization sunk in that he just lost to Brady Lang, of all people.

So there it is people. If Madden 15 is the answer (It was right last year, and the Carillon predicated correctly that the Seahawks would take it) , the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl on Sunday for the second time in a row. Brady Lang is also our two year campion.

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