Why come back?

Here is Ed by Shaina Tranquilino

Here is Ed
by Shaina Tranquilino

Going back to school paper a no brainer

Last year, I was presented the opportunity to return to the Carillon as an arts and culture writer, and I jumped at the opportunity.

In fact, it was a no-brainer.

I was excited to work with my brother, who dutifully edits the A&C section. And the Carillon, after all, was where my writing “career” began a few years ago.

First, I was a news writer with the paper, then a sports writer, and I eventually even spent some time on the Board of Directors. I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t technically qualified for any of the positions, but everyone involved in the paper did their best to encourage me to rise to the occasion.

The Carillon, then led by editor-in-chief John Cameron, gave me a tremendous opportunity to gain experience in the world of journalism and served as a launching pad to the Leader-Post, where I’ve worked as a freelance sports reporter for nearly half a decade. My work at the Leader-Post led to opportunities with the National Post and the Globe and Mail, and ultimately to my current career in public relations in the sport of mixed martial arts.

But it wouldn’t have happened – any of it – if I didn’t get my start at the Carillon. And it wouldn’t have happened without the support and encouragement of John and other staffers at the time.

In a fun interview, John told me last year that university newspapers, like the Carillon, are very important because they provide a voice and a resource for students on campus, while also working to keep the university accountable.

I’ll always be a supporter of student newspapers for those reasons. But for me, it was an invaluable stepping-stone that I’ll always be extremely grateful for.

That being said, I wholeheartedly endorse the Carillon, or any student newspaper, as a resource for those looking to someday enjoy a career in writing.

In fact, I encourage everyone to think about contributing.

It’s an outlet where you can sharpen your skills writing about almost anything you like. You can cover the news, you can write about sports, arts and culture, and share your thoughts in our op-ed section. You can have fun writing about what you already know, and you can step outside of your comfort zone by attending events and speaking with people involved in areas you’re not yet familiar with.

You can use it as a medium to share your photography or even to share a comic you penned.

It’s also a tremendous opportunity to work with like-minded student journalists who are enthusiastic, excited, and very supportive.

Like I said, I jumped at the opportunity to re-join the Carillon, and I’m very happy I did. I hope aspiring writers – or anyone who would like to be involved, regardless of their career aspirations – give some thought about writing for our student newspaper. I’m confident they’ll feel the same way I do now, if they give it a shot.

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