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We all see something different when the snowflakes settle. Pixaline via Pixabay and OpenClipart-Vectors via Pixabay, manipulated by lee lim

Students look forward to spending the upcoming holidays in various ways 

Classes have concluded, submissions are almost over, and final exams shall be the last of our troubles for the Fall 2023 semester. The holiday season that follows is just what the doctor ordered!  

Festivities and celebrations are just around the corner and the university community is all set to dive right into the holiday season. The University of Regina hosted a come-and-go winter holiday celebration in the AdHum pit on November 30. Students, faculty, and staff from all over campus joined the event where they decorated the Christmas tree at the pit and enjoyed delicious holiday treats.  

They also experienced performances by The University’s Chamber Singers, directed by Dr. Melissa Morgan, and graduate conductor, Brianna Levesque. The University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU) collaborated with organizers to promote its Food Security Program for students. Attendees were invited to bring nonperishable food items or cash donations to the event to support URSU’s program.   

Some students plan to travel to their families and relatives, while some plan to stay in Regina and enjoy the break with their friends and loved ones in the city.  

“I have plans to travel to the states for Christmas. I have family in New York, and my parents and I will be joining them for Christmas and New Year, and yeah, I am looking forward to it,” said Adam Wood, a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.  

Lenitta Antony, a third-year Nursing student, is thrilled about hosting a Christmas get-together at her new house this year. “I have a special get together to plan! I can barely wait for the finals to be over. I still have all my Christmas shopping left to do and that is something I enjoy quite a lot. I have been planning to invite my friends over ever since me and my family moved into our new house, and a Christmas get-together seems like the perfect way to do it.” 

Students who belong to families who do not celebrate Christmas have different kinds of plans for the days off before the next semester. “I usually stay inside during the break, and we don’t usually travel. I just do lots of puzzles and lots of reading. My family does not traditionally celebrate Christmas, so every year I just come up with something new to cook on the day. Another activity I typically enjoy doing over the holidays is ice skating. I’m excited about that!” said Maria Eugenia, a final year undergraduate student majoring in English.  

The trees are up to be lit, the halls are decked, menorahs are ready to be lit, and we are all just ready to put our feet up and revel in the joys of the holidays after a long and crazy semester. As this is the final issue of the Fall semester and more generally of 2023, the Carillon takes the opportunity to wish students the very best luck with final exams.  

To everyone, Happy Holidays! 


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