What a fitness journey is really about

Pull day? More like full (of tacos) day. Graham Mansfield via Unsplash

Maybe this doesn’t need to be so hard after all

Hey there, Carillon readers! I am pretty darn sure all of you have tried to be involved with fitness and sports, or maybe you are reading this paper to become interested. Today, we are going to be talking about different types of fitness journeys and ways to be successful.

What makes the best fitness journey? For some of you, you may believe the best journey may involve going to the gym seven days a week and eating all healthy food while following a diet. That may be easy to maintain, and maybe you are already doing that. For some of us, this may seem like a crazy idea and an unreachable goal, and that is okay! When working on your fitness, it is all about consistency and finding out what works best for you. At one time in my life, I was playing for up to three sports teams and working out in the gym on the side. Back then, that was what worked for me, and I loved it. Right now, I maintain a balance with one high intense workout and a slower one afterwards that normally includes a walk or an hour of yoga. This is what works best for me right now.

You see, a fitness journey should be based on how you feel and what you can maintain. For myself, the fact that I am back at the gym 5-6 days a week and keeping active at home is what makes me happy and feel powerful. That is how your fitness journey should make you feel. A fitness journey should not be just based on a fad diet; it should be based on a lifestyle and what makes you happy, inside and outside. When I think of a fitness journey, I think of what I can balance, maintain, what feels good, and what makes me happy. 

The key word in that last sentence is balance. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all based on balance. Let’s take a moment and talk about the fact that you are trying to find what fitness journey is best for you. This does not mean that you must give up other things in your life. It is all about balance.

This can look different for everyone, and that is a great thing about it. If you make yourself the main character of your life, then you can be living your best life. A way to make sure you have the best fitness journey possible is finding the lifestyle that is making you happy. Maybe you are working out seven times a week, maybe only five times a week with two stretching days. Now that you have found out how many times a week you need to workout to feel good, it is time to add some other activities to create that balance and get the full affect. Maybe you treat yourself to a special coffee every Friday to make yourself feel reenergized. How about you go out for tacos with some friends at a local restaurant (and maybe have one too many) or you just spend a full day on the couch binge-watching a classic series you love. No matter what you choose, the choices are endless and that is how you can create a healthy balance.

Having the “best” fitness journey is all up to you. Maybe it involves heavy lifting every day, or cardio with a side of tacos. No matter how you spend time in the gym, that is all what matters. It can look different to everyone and that is okay. That is why your fitness journey should be more about a balanced lifestyle compared to just plain fitness, and that is what we want to normalize for our readers – to realize that every time you go to the gym to work on your fitness does not need to be crazy and amazing. Take each time you step in the gym as a new day and feel a sense of happiness in the gym.


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