We spent money on that?


The new logo is unnecessary, unasked for, and unappealing

Over the holiday season, our right and honourable Premier Wall was hard at work flying in the face of the democratic process and continuing the proud tradition of doing whatever he damn well pleases when the whim occurs to him. Literally overnight on Jan. 3, the iconic heritage wheat sheaf was replaced with what appears to be a golden dagger and machete cutting through a couple of oblong triangles. This obtuse and frankly confusing logo replaced the wheat sheaf on the province’s website, news releases, and letterhead. The government has since assured major news outlets that the wheat sheaf logo will continue to be used on signage and the official provincial pin.

So yeah. This is a thing now. Our logo only half-changed, and people are getting all in a tizzy. Truthfully, these people have every right to be upset, and it’s a shame that more people haven’t joined them. Huffington Post blogger Lonnie Taylor even had the gall to say that the new logo looks, “classy”.

First of all, think of the cost involved in redesigning a logo. It’s not like Brad Wall just scribbled this thing out on a piece of butcher’s paper with a dried turd, regardless of whether or not it actually appears that way. This logo was the product of hundreds of thousands of dollars given to a design firm that spent maybe twenty minutes on it. Remember Regina’s “Infinite Horizons” bullshit? It was the campaign that came with that stupid looking stylized capital “R?” That “brand redevelopment” cost $445, 000, and that was just at the city level. Think of the staggering cost to research, redevelop, and replace a logo at the provincial level.

Secondly, no consultation was done to find out whether or not people actually wanted their logo replaced. This might be nitpicking, but the whole point of the democratic process – that we’ve by and large all agreed upon in Canada – is to elect people who, you know, shouldn’t just make major changes that affect our appearance, especially when aforementioned changes involve the removal of a heritage symbol that is so synonymous with our province. Once again, the Saskatchewan Party has flipped a giant middle finger to the people that gave it a resounding majority by spending money needlessly on useless shit.

Finally, have you actually looked at that logo? Those oblong triangles are supposed to be Saskatchewan. The gold daggers suddenly aren’t just hacking up childhood shapes, but are literally cleaving the province in half. Whether this is supposed to be indicative of Brad Wall’s Saskaboom tearing the house down, or whether it’s a far more sinister message relaying Brad Wall’s true feelings towards this province remains to be seen. For now, I hope that we can all agree that this new logo is a hideous waste of provincial money, a late entry into a dick-swinging competition that never even took place. Instead of spending money so frivolously on pointless shit like this, perhaps the government should spend some money on post-secondary education. Or keeping a media person on retainer to clean up all of the public relations nightmares they seem to incur. Oh, that’s right, I forgot; Brad Wall drove them all away, too.

Kyle Leitch
A&C Writer

Photo courtesy of globalsaskatoon.com

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