URSU’s Welcome Week Club Fair

Are you showing up for the info, or just the free stuff? Victoria Baht

A one-stop shop for some of the student groups present

Welcome Week previously took place on campus from September 6-9. The team that focused and worked on making Welcome Week happen was the University of Regina Students’ Union (URSU). They focused on the theme of a carnival. This involved events like Carnival Night at The Lazy Owl on Tuesday, Welcome Week Mystique on Wednesday, a night at the casino, and so much more.

I will be highlighting some of the groups that were present for the club fair held September 7 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. You will get all the insights about a variety of the groups on campus. I went on the academic green and asked some questions for you readers that you may not have gotten the chance to ask yourself. This way you can learn all about what clubs may interest you. 

I took the time to speak with the Psychology Students Association (PSA), Music Students Association (MSA), and the Math Actuarial Science and Statistics Student Society (MASS). I went around to each group asking them what their group is and for some information that you need to know about each group. First up is the PSA. 

I got talking with the President of the PSA, Sarah Nakonechny, about some of the work that the PSA is doing. I have got to say she sounds pretty excited about everything her team is doing this year, and sounded passionate about what she is studying and why others, and I, should be interested in the study of psychology. 

What events are you guys hoping to host in the future?

We are looking at a variety of events. There has been talk about a skating night, another trivia night, paint nights, we also do weekly lounges that take place Tuesday mornings from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the lab cafe and Wednesday evenings from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Zoom. Information about lounges or other events can be found on our social media.

What is your social media?

The PSA is on Instagram and Twitter both @ureginapsa.

Why should a student join the PSA?

A student should join the PSA because psychology is quite frankly a part of everything nowadays. Whether it is looking at how people think, why people think the way they do, or just figuring out how to interact with people or how to market to them. Regardless of what area of study you are in, […] it is relevant in some way, somehow, you will find your way back to psychology. Plus, all our events and stuff are open to people who are not involved with psychology so even if you just have interest, […] you can still come and hang out with us.

The PSA sounds like they have lots planned for this year! I plan to keep this group in mind for future events. 

I then walked over to speak with the Music Student Association (MSA), where I spoke to their Vice President Ryan Wheler. Wheler himself expressed a passionate interest in his group and in music. He spoke excitedly about what the MSA is planning on doing and appears to be excited for students to have these opportunities.

What future events is the MSA hosting?

We are getting some social events planned. We have a paint night planned for the end of
September. This is a nice easy way to get people out, hang out and relax. […] Then we are also
in the process of professional development activities in terms of workshops and mock auditions.

Would this help students in music / music education or just people that are interested in music?

It is mainly focused on our music students. In theory you could treat an audition like a job interview format since it’s based on instruments and presentation. There are certainly things you could take away from it. […] Most of our professional development is geared towards students [in music] as we have a lot of conductors come in because we do not have an official conducting program. Although that’s where a lot of students want to get their Masters’ and PHD in, is conducting.

Sounds like the MSA is a great group to join if you are involved with the music program. They appear to be really student focused. 

Now, as I continued to walk around the greens, I came across the MASS. This group of students seems to be excited about this year coming up as well their studies. I mean, let’s be real, they looked like they were ready to take on the school year with a great group of people that were willing to talk about all things math! While standing on the greens, I chatted to Michelle McBurney, their Vice President, and Ethan Backlin, who is one of their co-presidents.

What is your club?

So MASS is the Math Actuarial Science and Statics Student Society. We are a bunch of
students that come together that have a shared interest in maths. Some of these activities include
pie day and meet the prof. These are casual events at The Lazy Owl to enjoy with everyone.

Why should someone join MASS?

You can join if you are a math student, statics student, or actuarial science student. Even
if you are not one of those it is still good to come out and have fun. […] A lot of the time too we get contacted for job information that is related to this field.

That is everyone that I talked to! On the greens was a wide variety of student groups involved and I am sad to only capture three groups’ information, as there were so many amazing looking groups (although I got to learn quite a bit)! Hopefully this article will encourage you to get involved this school year, and go have some fun.


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