University tuition on the rise once more


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Expect to be paying more come the fall semester

As the new school year rears its head Sept. 8, University of Regina students will be welcomed with another tuition increase. As the cost of living, textbooks, and other daily essentials rise, so too does the cost of education. Saskatchewan’s average tuition now sits at $6885 according to Statistics Canada, which not so comfortably sets it as the second highest in Canada, only being beaten out by Ontario.

This tuition increase comes as no surprise due to the issues last year with the provincial government pulling back some of their operating grants at the start of the semester. This provides students with a bit of a grim reality, either counting pennies in order to attend their next semester of university, or being forced to take out more loans. This raises a lot of questions and concerns as to why tuition continues to rise without anything being addressed. Jermain McKenzie, URSU President, is taking a stand for students and is lobbying the government due to the steadily rising tuitions. The Carillon’s news writer, Derek Cameron, spoke more in depth with McKenzie to find out his plan of action. (McKenzie Makes Moves Towards Money Resolutions)

While it is easy to just say that tuition is increasing, the Carillon wants to make things easier and more accessible to the reader. So braving the dark, treacherous, sixty-four-page Annual Report, here are the major numbers you should know from the newest budget.

The U of R’s operating budget is $214.9 million for the new school year. 37.52 per cent of that comes from student tuition. The most recent tuition hike is an increase of 3.8 per cent. There has been a 35 per cent increase in tuition since 2009. All of these areas received 1 per cent cuts to their funding: facilities management, MAP, libraries, Nursing, and the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy. The Arts faculty received a 2 per cent cut.

MacLean’s magazine ranks the universities around Canada every year, up to fifteen places. The U of R only appeared in one category, the “Comprehensive Universities” category, which is described as universities that “have a significant degree of research activity and a wide range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.” The top three universities are Simon Fraser, University of Victoria, and University of Waterloo. The University of Regina tied for twelfth.

Those top three universities in the Comprehensive category average in tuition at $6054. While many universities tend to discredit the MacLean’s rankings, it still provides an interesting look into what some might consider a good university. With the Carillon’s reoccurring article in volume 58, “Leak of the Week,” showing that there are issues that need to be addressed at the university on top of facilities management taking a budget cut, will this only provide more stress on the university? With 37 per cent of the University’s budget relying on student fees, how sustainable is it? If the University takes a sudden hit to admissions, will the U of R be able to keep its head above water? As it stands right now, it is all conjecture. The Carillon will keep you updated with the state of tuition as the year goes on, and for years to come.


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