UFC strikes a deal


FOX takes on the UFC while TUF gets new coaches

Autumn McDowell
Inside the Octagon
Sports Editor

As the Ultimate Fighting Championship finds a new home in the world of television broadcasting, the future looks bright. However, the future of the reality show, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), seems to be hanging in the balance between two incapable fighters.

It appears as though the UFC has switched homes. The popular mixed martial arts organization has recently cut ties from their longtime broadcasting partner Spike TV after the two companies had a falling out.

In light of its recent abandonment from Spike, the UFC has found a new home: FOX. For many people, the switch of networks will not cause any disturbances, but for those who do not have FOX – people like myself – the switch comes as an extreme inconvenience. Not to mention the UFC will be showing unreal fights for their first appearance on FOX, featuring the likes of Cain Velasques and Junior Dos Santos. While numerous fans are watching these two heavyweights slug it out, I will have the comfort of knowing that I won’t miss a second of possibly the worst season of TUF to ever hit TV.

The newest season of TUF, which premieres on Sept. 21, pins two of the most annoying human beings against each other and, although one may be the slightest less bit annoying than the other, I already want to hit fast forward through this season.

TUF, which is on its 14th season, features coaches Michael “The Count” Bisping vs. Jason “Mayhem” Miller. Miller is at least hilarious in a hyperactive kid kind of way, while Bisping is just plain dull to watch. This is another season where the coach was once a contestant himself, as Bisping was on Season 3 of the show. First it was Matt Serra (the champion from Season 5) then Forrest Griffin (the champion of the original) and now Bisping (Season 3 veteran and possibly the luckiest guy in the business).

Fans may remember when Bisping was awarded the split-decision victory over Matt Hamill. Even though the judges clearly made the wrong call, Bisping strutted around the octagon like he owned the place and I have hated him ever since.

I am still not quite sure if I will be able to bring myself to watch this season, as the thought of Bisping makes me want to puke and I can only handle so much “Mayhem” at once. There is a reason why his show on MTV, Bully Beatdown, was only half an hour long.

Not only do the coaches suck, but this season also features bantamweights and featherweights – also known as the little guys. These little guys can either be quick and explosive, or it can be like watching two miniature Chihuahuas run around a cage from 15 minutes, getting a small break for water every five minutes.

I have also never understood why the show picks fighters to be on the show who are in different weight classes than the coaches are. I realize this has been done this for roughly 13 out of 14 seasons, but wouldn’t it make more sense for the fighters and coaches to be in the same weight class? Just saying.

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