U of R declares a national week of mourning


[4B] PublicDomainPicturesWEBIt’s a sad week for all of us

The University of Regina administration, URSU, and the collective body of university students mourned the week of sorrow, emptiness and disappointment last week, as they had to face a week without the festivities of Welcome Week. Around the university, students could be found with their head down, tired from the craziness of Welcome Week and begrudgingly walking across the campus to find their classes (which they did not attend during welcome week).

Vianne Timmons, the University of Regina president said, “I share in the sadness of the campus in getting adjusted to life after Welcome Week. I encourage all of you to hang in there and try to make it through the week. I also declare a campus-wide week of mourning and ask that we respect others by not pissing each other off.”

Students across the campus were unwilling to talk to us, amidst their sadness. However, one student, who wished anonymity stated, “I did not go to class all week because I was having so much fun out on the Green. I literally have no idea what classes I am taking, what building they are in, what room I’m supposed to go to, what time school starts or ends, and whether or not I need textbooks.”

When asked about what he’ll miss about welcome week, he stated, “I’ll miss the fact that I didn’t have to care about anything except how I am going to find change for twenties for the toonie bar at Casino Night. I’ll also miss the opportunities to get free and endless boxes of Kraft Dinner, since I am dirt poor and have no food.”

The pinnacle of this sadness could be found at the bookstore, where dozens of students were forced to break the bank for a textbook that they didn’t want.

One student stated, “I didn’t want to think about buying hundreds of dollars of textbooks during welcome week, so I didn’t. Now that it’s done, reality has hit me. I have barely any money left from the summer and Welcome Week, so making ends meet is going to be really difficult,” she said, while waiting for the seventeenth hour in line.

Even professors chimed in on their sorrow.

One professor said, “I don’t want to think about the endless hours of marking and dealing with emails as we begin school. Welcome Week is great; all I have to do is print out course outlines and tell a couple jokes so I can make a good impression for the students. Only a couple really keen kids come bother me to ‘introduce’ themselves, which I can deal with. Now, I’m gonna have to deal with the harsh realities of teaching.”

As the giant plastic balls begin deflating, along with the giant inflatable bouncy castles, and as URSU starts tearing down the great tent of the beer gardens, the Carillon would like to remind students that better times are ahead. Although the last week was full of sadness and sorrow, students have Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to. As well, there are an array of events run by various students’ societies, which should suffice for the time being. Hang in there, University of Regina, better weeks are ahead.


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