U of R completes new track

Old Track. Arthur Images

The Olymp-XX Track is four millimeters thicker than the old one

I can’t tell you much about the old track itself, my fond memories of using it, or my personal inconveniences since it has been under renovation (I hear from co-workers that it is a minor pain, though). I can, however, tell you that there is a brand-new track at the university to replace the old one, which was installed in 2006 and, according to Kinesiology’s Facility Manager Chris Wermie, was in great need of an update.

Construction began because the old track had become worn out over time, said Wermie in an e-mail, and in some places the ground was even visible. It was “no longer functional as a training space.” Unfortunately, Wermie was not able to conduct an interview in person this week, but he sent The Carillon some details about the construction of the track and its benefits over the old one.

The new track, called the Olymp-XX Track”by Horner Sports Flooring, is four millimetres thicker than the old one, providing more cushion and bounce. The shock absorption listed on the Horner website is around 25 to 38 per cent, and Wermie said that this improved thickness “has been proven to minimize joint injuries.” This is called “outstanding shock absorption” by Horner Sports, so hopefully this will make the track more comfortable, especially for people with sensitive joints. The track is also now in green and gold instead of the old red, reflecting our Cougars colours, if you’re into that school spirit kind of thing.

For most people who use the track for sports or working out, it’s likely just a relief that the regular space can be used again after having to go around to another room all summer. But if the Olymp-XX is all it’s cracked up to be, athletes and casual runners alike will be able to run longer and keep in better health because of this update. Who knows, maybe even I’ll start using the thing. If you see me running on the new green track, please don’t laugh at me! It is my worst fear and I have multiple nightmares about it.

Happy running, tracking, and fielding, athletes of U of R, and thanks to the workers at Titan Sport Systems for getting this new track installed and ready to go.

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